A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler {Day 2}

by GfG on January 8, 2013 · 8 comments

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{Ten day series on daily life in our homeschool.  We have five official students and one 4 yo unofficial student, in case you are new around here.}

Well.. today is really real for you. Not only will you get my play by play, but our eldest student, HB, is going to give you her view of her school day.  She is a junior.  HB’s comments will be in italics (I tried to make them in different color, but WordPress would not save them that way?!).  So, welcome to day 2-  A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler!

{Why am I doing this?  Read this post}


7:50 While I am nice and warm under the covers in my bed, I get a text from my 14 yo in the living room informing me that we can’t have granola as scheduled because Dad didn’t make it “because there was no milk to have with it”.

8:00 I begrudingly get up, dressed and ready for the day (no shower due to my wimpy-ness with NM winters).

8:15 Up and at ’em call to the blessings!

8:25 Foraging breakfast of grapes, apples, and animal crackers.

8:40 Catechism and scripture memory around the table.  I notice I’m grumpy.  I wonder if anyone else notices.

9:00 Get ready for the day: brush hair and teeth, wash face, get dressed, make bed, straighten room, etc.

Meal chores.  I no longer wonder if anyone notices that I am grumpy.

9:05 1st chai latte of the day and I take the tortilla dough out of the fridge to get to room temp.

9:28 Math (Geometry)

Day in the Life #4 WEB

9:30 Load of laundry started (we are now on non-peak hours for electricity to save money, so no laundry is done in the evening).  Also, a small miracle occurs: I remember that I will need to serve dinner!  I check and plan.  Paul will be very pleased.      🙂

9:40 AAS with Phoebe, then Esther

9:47 I start to get cranky again and blame the clutter.  Clutter makes me cranky.  There is lots of clutter at the moment.

9:49 Phoebe comes in to talk, then leaves.  She leaves the door open and has to be called back to shut it. Paul Louis also visits; three times, in fact.  He wants me to tear his tape off the roll for him (duck tape he received in his stocking).  He also leaves the door open each time he leaves and has to be called back.  Noah also comes in and (you guessed it) leaves the door open.

9:59 Math finished and put up.

10:04 Settle screaming dispute, with Paul Louis being the screamer.  I hold him on my lap for a few minutes on his bed and we talk it out.  I go back to AAS.

10:05 No nonfiction reading today, so move on to Latin & SAT.  Ace the SAT question.  Learn new vocabulary word.  Also learn the only English plural word that contains none of the same letters as its singular equivalent:  kine.  It is archaic, plural for cow.

10:12 Latin.  Learn about the ablative case.  Also how to order nachos without cheese in Spanish.

10:30 Math with Esther and then Phoebe

10:31 Do grammar while Latin worksheets print. Paul Louis shows me his creation and tells me about it (whatever it is).

10:33 Gather Latin papers and separate them.  Go to hole punch them.  Realize hole punch is missing.

10:37 Realize hole punch is in cabinet where it’s supposed to be.  Thankfully, I come to this realization before Mom can rise and look.

10:38 Do Latin worksheets

10:46 Short tussle break with Noah.  He leaves the door open

10:54 Finish Latin.  Move on to writing ahead of schedule.

11:00 Can not log onto writing site.  Panic acceptable.

11:10 Panic averted.  Logged in.  {I’d like to input here that her mother averted the panic, thankyouverymuch!}

Day in the Life #6 WEB

11:22 I make Phoebe cry during math and am immediately repentant.  Sigh.  She has struggles with understanding sometimes and I just don’t understand her lack of understanding.  I pray for understanding and ask her for forgiveness.

11:30 Put the meatballs in the oven for lunch.

11:33 Leave for mail walk/physical education.

11:40 Language lessons with Esther and Phoebe while Paul Louis sits on my lap with his beloved dagger.  Writing with Phoebe after language.

12:00 Serve the meatballs and roll & heat homemade tortillas. I am not in the best spirit for this task.  I keep griping in my head about how long it’s going to take, what a mess it makes, etc.  Actually, it is none of that.  Sigh.  “Thank you for humbling me, LORD.”  Homemade tortillas are soooo much cheaper and healthier.  HB made the dough Sunday and it’s been waiting.

12:02 Get back.  Lunch.

12:30 Meal chores

12:45 Visual World Geography: Europe, lessons 16-18.  I lose my cool with a student and a “stern discussion” occurs.  I apologize for my harshness.  She apologizes for her dis respectful gig.

1:00 Discussions on plans for the week, things to get done.  Set up biology.

1:04 A student has a tearful meltdown upon realizing she is a week behind in history and reading.  We alter her lesson plans to reorganize and catch up.

Day in the Life #5 WEB

1:15 Biology.  Intense section on crawdads.

1:20 Write up some choir documents and send to director (I am now registrar). I look for my chocolate covered almonds.

1:35 Science read aloud and narration.

1:41 Choir.  Jubilate Deo is rusty- needs practice before choir recording next week.

1:43 I answer the phone, when I shouldn’t.  This is a big no-no for me while doing school.  I get off track for too long.  I enjoy the chat, despite feeling guilty that the kids are sitting there waiting for science to continue.

1:47 Science read aloud finished up and start Story of the World read aloud &  narration.

1:55 All I have left is reading and writing.  Writing will be continuously worked on, on and off the rest of the day and I will read tomorrow.     😉

2:30 Writing with Chloe.  Turns out I don’t have an important part of the new program I am trying out.  Drats.

2:45 Review Latin paper with Phoebe

3:00 Listen to chapter two of The Hobbit on audio with Phoebe and Esther.

3:38 Play on the computer at the dining room table with Esther and Phoebe.  Esther draws, Phoebe plans the sock monkey she is making, Paul Louis naps, Chloe & Noah are reading their history books, and HB has free time. We voted to do read aloud when Dad gets home.

4:30 We all hang out and do our own thing, then I start making dinner.

6:00ish Dinner, conversation, donuts to motivate the eating of a new curry & chick pea recipe, and then more of Cheaper by the Dozen.

7:00ish Meal chores, baths, Superhero Squad & Animal Jam for a few, Pinterest for HB, and general getting ready for bed.  One more chapter of Cheaper by the Dozen.

8:30pm Season one, episode one of Downton Abbey (edited) for older three kiddos since we are at that time period.  Yippee, counting one of my favorite series as school is pretty stinkin’ fun.

Day two had more attitude problems (mostly from me), but that’s how life is sometimes. We had a terrific day!  Tomorrow… the 14 yo son will lead you through his day.  Should be interesting!  

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