A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler {Day 10}

by GfG on January 18, 2013 · 5 comments

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{Ten day series showing the daily life of a homeschooling family of eight.  Bloggers who link up are entered for an Amazon gift card! Each of my days has a different focus, today’s is planning for the day. }

Thursday night:  I pick up the school table of clutter.  This is mostly for my emotional benefit, since clutter bugs me (FYI: my house is still a bit cluttered, just not in the areas I hang out in most of the time), but it also helps when we get started in the morning.

7:25 Awake, but trying to will myself back to sleep.  Glad Fridays are off for academics since we have four day school weeks and Fridays have special activities.

8:30 Come out to remind the kiddos that Edie is coming for quilting at 9:30.  Most of them are eating.  Chloe and HB are still asleep.

8:48 Room cleaning for kiddos for 15 mins.

9:00 Quite time for me in my room.  Man, chai latte is seriously fabulous.  Have I mentioned that?

9:20 Set up quilting materials.

sewing cabinet

9:47  Edie is here! She is always so cheerful.

11:00 This is going to be awhile.  I’m so grateful for Edie.  Seriously.  I would have given up already.

11:20 Oops.  Corners done wrong.  Need to figure them out.

11:40  My friend, Kari calls, and we pray for our friend.

11:46  We are getting close to the final stage!  Paul Louis and Noah are quiet.  Not a great sign, actually.


12:30 Phoebe is the first one to the last stage: hand stitching the binding.  She could not look cuter working on her quilt.

12:51  Nauseous.  I keep forgetting that two cups of chai latte within three hours of each other is not a good idea for me.

1:00 Lunch  Everyone enjoys the homemade pizza.  Today’s was a collaboration between HB, Chloe, Phoebe and Esther.

1:20  Three out of four girls are ready to hand stitch now!  We hug Edie goodbye and thank her for one of the most memorable classes ever.

Day in the Life #36 WEB

1:30 I help HB get her last steps finished.

2:00 Assign cleaning tasks.  Hard to get going because the sewing was a bit taxing on my brain.  Could I be missing a special sewing synapse?

2:15 Tuck Paul Louis in for nap, after reading Katy and the Big Snow.  I am so tempted to sleep next to him.

2:30 Supervise cleaning.  I pick up clutter all around and clean the school area.

3:06 Work on lesson plans for the next two weeks.  Have I mentioned I’m going to California Monday?       😉

I really do not spend much time at all on lesson plans during the year.  Most of my preparation is done in the summer (be sure to read the link).  This usually takes a week, but is worth all the effort so that I don’t have to do anything during the school year. 

For general lesson plans, all I really do is write in the lesson numbers we are on, but one item I have to do is be sure the books I chose for Phoebe and Esther in August are still appropriate choices.  I almost always add a book or two.  

Here is the big time saver for me: I choose curriculum that does not require teacher prep.  Seriously.  Math: Teaching Textbooks on the computer (teaches, problems, and grades) for older kids.  Language, Writing, Spelling and Math (for younger kids):  all scripted curriculum.  We just do the next lesson. Latin & Geography: video lessons on the computer, then papers I print out.  History and reading are explained in the link above.  Science: (younger kids) we just read a few pages each day and do activities that appeal to me on Fridays or whenever works best; (older kids) the read it on their own. 

Honestly, there is almost no prep work.  I spend my time teaching.  

Today’s took awhile because Noah and HB have something new and I wanted to schedule it instead of leaving it up to them AND I had to prepare for a substitute (aka: Paul and the kiddos).

Day in the Life #33 WEB

4:19 Consider showering and then hiding in my room to watch Netflix.

4:20 Snap out of my daydream.

4:21 Chat with two oldest kids about what “finished” means when asked, “Are you finished with your school work?  All of it?”

4:30 Choir registrar work

5:00 I whine about being cold.

5:01 Paul Louis brings me his beloved Thomas blanket and wraps me in it.  I am so blessed.

5:05 The Hobbit, chapter 8 (half of it) on audio while the kids fold clothes.

5:27 Realize the text I sent Paul was not received since he was on the road.  I guess those eggs I asked him to pick up so I could make the fish patties are gonna still be at Walmart.

Day in the Life #34 WEB

5:40 Decide the eggs aren’t going to walk here.

6:25 Patties in the skillet and my heart is happy because I’m chatting with Autumn!

6:39 Skype with Autumn’s kiddos and then let Chloe and Haley have it to themselves.

7:00 Dinner, then meal chores.  I type up this post and look forward to a family movie.  We’ve had a great week.  Seriously.

Thank you for joining me on this play by play of the good, the bad and the goofy of homeschooling life during A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler {10 Day Series}.   I hope these two weeks have encouraged you, if you are a homeschooler, and have provided you a peek into a lifestyle that is possible for you, if you aren’t!

If you have any questions, please ask them and I will address them in a future post!

I wonder if my family would write up a post on A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Family When the Mom is Out of Town for 7 Days?

Thank you, LORD for the freedom to homeschool because it blesses my family tremendously! 

Link up, bloggers!  (I will leave this link open a few days and then will draw a winner for the Amazon gift card)

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