A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler {Day 1}

by GfG on January 7, 2013 · 8 comments

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So… here we go!  I’ve invited you into our homeschool for ten, yes ten, days.  No glossing over.  No sugar coating.  No fudging.

Here is how Day 1 played out (the first day back after Christmas break… always a bit rocky):

6:00 Noah participates in his online English class.  I happily sleep through the entire hour and a half.

7:30 My alarm clock goes off.  I ignore it.

7:58 I get up and realize Paul is still in bed.  Versus being at work.  Turns out he had some bonding time in the middle of the night with the toilet as did Esther.  Puking starts off our new school year.  Par-tay.  I will not post photos.  You’re welcome.

8:00 I stumble out to the living room to find the darlings breaking rule #1: no movies in the morning.  Ahem.  It’s hard getting back into the swing of school.  I assign Noah to make oatmeal bake as I squint my way back to get ready for the day (if you are new here… I am NOT a morning person).  I take a shower in a bathroom that is stinkin’ freezing and say a few blessings on New Mexico winters.  Or not.

8:30 The first “stern discussion” of the day occurs.  I make most of the breakfast I had already assigned and hand off to assigned child, with a morning glare and a blessing or two.  Or not.

I also announce that everyone should be up and moving now.  Most important event of the morning: I make my first cup of chai latte.

Day in the Life Photo 1 WEB


8:50 Around the table, we have catechism and memory verse time.  HB is doing her own thing during this. And pretty much the whole day.  She does almost all of her work independently (Alg II, biology, writing, grammar, history, SAT prep, reading, choir, Latin).

9:08 Breakfast is ready.  While eating, I establish our new breakfast and lunch rotations, assigning kiddos for prep.  Three of the kiddos aren’t fans of oatmeal bake, so they take their mandatory bites and hit the books.

9:30 All About Spelling (AAS) with Chloe and then Esther while other kiddos do meal chores.   The Principal (aka: Paul/Dad) makes an appearance handling an argument between two undisclosed children.  This would count as the second “stern discussion” of the day.

9:52 Esther has a melt down and gets some alone time on her bed.  Have I mentioned that starting back after a 3 week break is rough?

10:00 I do AAS with Phoebe while Chloe does math, Noah does English (and totes in wood for the stove), HB does writing and schedule planning for her week, Esther recuperates on her bed, and Paul Louis runs around being silly.

10:14 Captain IronMan America in disguise creeps me out as he creeps by me.

10:30 I do math with Phoebe, while Esther reads, HB does her thing, Noah continues on English, and Chloe & Paul Louis wrestle.  While Phoebe does her worksheet, I teach Esther how to prep baked potatoes and place them in the oven.  I realize that though she is very enthusiastic about baked potatoes, her abilities are not up to the task of the job.

11:07 I do math with Esther while everyone but HB wrestles with Paul Louis.  I count this as physical education and sibling bonding.  I send an email out about teaching sign classes for homeschoolers.

A Day in the Life #2 WEB

11:27 While Esther does her math worksheet, I put a load of laundry in, check Facebook, find Visual World Geography, and take some GFSE (I woke up with a sinus infection, did I mention that yet?  Par-tay!).

11:45  I do writing with Esther while Phoebe reads nearby.  Noah presses on with English (he is determined to do his assignment in one day for some reason).  HB does history.  I have no idea where Chloe and Paul Louis are.

I also realize the kiddos have discovered Paul’s (not so) secret stash of Dum Dums for rewards.

11:52  Language lessons with Chloe (I found her) while Esther and Phoebe read.  Paul Louis tries to get Noah off the computer.  HB ignores us all while working diligently in her room.

Noon  Esther checks the potatoes and declares them ready.  I double check.  They go back in the oven.  I text photos of Chloe’s arms and legs to Dr. Laura because a rash showed up last night.  Laura thinks it’s Fifths Disease.  Par-tay!

12:17 We all watch Visual World Geography: Europe, lessons 11-15.

12:30 Yummy lunch.  I check Facebook and email.

1:10  Meal chores for some kiddos while others drag lunch out as long as possible.   I allow a bit of What’s in the Bible? #1 while the sluggards finish eating.

1:17 Meal chores for three kiddos while I do writing with Chloe.

A Day in the Life #3 WEB

1:23 A communal “stern discussion” is issued because many children are not doing what they “are supposed to be doing”.  A blessing or two is said.  Ahem.  I help Esther choose her chapter book for pleasure and set the timer for 60 minutes for her and Phoebe (who quickly finishes her meal chore so Esther will not beat her in minutes read).  I finish writing with Chloe.

Visual Latin is delayed because The Principal is asleep and the lessons are in the bedroom.

1:45 Read half of BiblioPlan’s history aloud to Chloe, then Story of the World assignment aloud to Phoebe, Esther, and Chloe.  Chloe goes to finish reading the BiblioPlan herself.

2:18 I tuck in Paul Louis after reading a naptime story (If you Give a Mouse a Cookie or one in the series is the  book of choice currently).

2:25  Language lessons with Phoebe and Esther and then writing with Phoebe.

2:28 I realize I have not planned or prepped dinner.  A few blessings are said.  And a prayer for Dominoes.

2:40 The pain in my sinuses is too great and I decide to nap.  The younger three children are done with school except for Visual Latin and read aloud. Those can wait until after I get some rest.

3:00 I realize the pain will not allow me to sleep, so I take some Ibruprofen, and have the kids come get in the bed with me and The Principal (who I found out was awake when I went to nap). We read two chapters of one of my favorite real alouds, Cheaper by the Dozen.

3:25 Kiddos exit the room to do Visual Latin.  I moan in pain and take a capsule of essential oils. The Principal brings me a heated rice bag.

4:30 I join the crowd and get the nod of approval for Dominoes.  Yippee!  My husband mentions a college football game or something, but I figure I’ll be watching Netflix in my room with another rice bag.  Phoebe announces she made brownie cake to celebrate our first day back.

So ends Day 1 of A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler.

A blessing or two was said.

Was this what you expected?

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