Remember to be a Fun Mom

by GfG on December 14, 2012 · 4 comments

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I used to be a really fun mom.  Then I got really busy with schooling and keeping a home for more than a couple of kids.  Seriously.  It took me awhile to realize I had stopped doing the fun stuff.

There are a couple myths out there that affect the fun mom gig and really ruin it for women.

  • You have to have fun mom genes (not to be confused with mom jeans, which I hope none of you are wearing!) to be a fun mom.
  • You have to be a fun mom all the time to be a fun mom.

These are both lies.   Don’t buy ’em.

True, moms who are born with the fun gene have it easier in this department.

And true, the all the time fun moms are pretty … fun.


Here’s the deal, ladies, sometimes we have to step outside our comfort zone to make a difference in our kiddos’ lives.   Sometimes we have to do what doesn’t come naturally to leave a lasting impact on our children’s hearts.  Sometimes we have to give a little to gain a lot in our kiddos memory banks.

I humbly ask you to be a fun mom.  Not to be confused with a negligient, ridiculous, or irrepsonsible mom.  Nope.  Not saying you need to ditch school, let them eat cake every day, or any nonsense like that.

All I mean is that we sometimes need to choose the fun option, even when there is a down side.

I am a reformed fun mom.  I mean that I am a fun mom again, but in a different way.

Honestly, because of all the responsibility on my plate now, I have to look for ways to be fun and I talk to myself about saying yes to fun things that come my way.  It may not seem like it from where you sit, but when I post “fun” things, I am often outside my comfort zone.

My kiddos and their memories are there though, so I want to join them.

Last night… I mean… this morning was an example of a fun thing I said yes to.   The three oldest kiddos got to go to the midnight opening of “The Hobbit”.  Seriously.

Despite the fact that they will be incredibly tired.  Despite the fact that Hannah Beth has a choir concert tomorrow night.  Despite the fact that they have some school work to finish.

It was right to say yes to this.

I promise they will never forget it.

If we say no to everything but the well planned and the scheduled and the highly controlled situations, our children will notice.  Children are none of those things, really.   Even children that no longer are child sized.  I think that’s when it gets tougher too.

What I do to be a fun mom (even though I am not a naturally fun or every day fun mom):

Do a craft every once in awhile.  Big and little ones.  I prefer the little ones. 🙂   No need to be Martha Stewart, just make something.

Make some food that is silly and out of the ordinary occasionally.  Eating makes all kinds of synapses fire, so it’s a great way to leave a lasting memory.

Take them to events in their interest, even ones that could be deemed crazy.  Yeah, like midnight movie openings.

Make the most of unusual days or opportunities.   Yup, like 12/12/12 or Leap Day, sure, but also holidays (Christmas Adam) and other zany days (Pi Day is another example).

Say yes to spontaneous outings or visits sometimes.  These will come your way, so be on the look out.  Meteor showers are terrific things to do together and cost you nothing but a little sleep.

Think outside the box (or do things that are outside the box that you hear about) for activities.  Our outdoor movie night was a real memory maker, but it wasn’t my idea.  My friend Edie suggested it.  Score!  If someone else has a great idea, use it!

Speak to them in silly ways or unexpected ways every once in awhile.  When I look at Esther and speak in my fake German accent during math, it always brings a grin (and maybe exaggerated eye rolling ).

Be willing to look goofy sometimes.  Seriously.  There’s not much that makes a kid grin more than seeing their mom look ridiculous.

Spend time with other fun moms (it sorta rubs off).   Seriously.

Remember that the fun includes the attitude.  This is where I’m currently struggling.  I say yes and encourage fun activities, but I am not always cheerful about as it happens or when it doesn’t go as planned.  Fun?  Not so much.

I have not always been flexible with my day or schedule.  I said no more than really necessary because I was worried we wouldn’t get everything done.  Two things changed: I realized I had too many things on the “must get done” list and I realized relationships (with my kids and with others) was most important.

Are you a wanna be fun mom?  Are you willing to hear the call to connect with your kids by being fun?

Are you a naturally fun mom?  Are you understanding towards those of us who struggle with this?

Raise your hand if you want your kiddos to leave your home and believe they could have fun with you!

(insert me wildly waving my hand)

Let’s answer the call to be more than just task masters, trainers, and teachers.  Let’s be fun!


*In the interest of full disclosure, Paul took them to the movie because he didn’t want me on the road or out in the big city with the kids by myself at 3:00am.  Oh, and… well… he read the book and I didn’t.        😉


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