Why I Do Not Drink Alcohol {Part 1}

by GfG on November 14, 2012 · 14 comments

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Before you even read this, hear me clearly: I do not believe the Bible clearly condemns alcohol.

I’d like to share my journey and reasons for why I do not drink alcohol, that’s all.  Funny enough, this post came about because a friend was asking in a forum about marijuana use compared to alcohol use.  To me, they are similar.  Does that pique your interest to read more?     🙂

Here’s my journey to a life with no alcohol.

I grew up in a home and area of the country that was very fond of alcohol.  Very.  I started drinking when I was in eighth grade and hit it hard.  By the time I went to college, I was well versed in just about any kind of alcohol you can name.  Sorority life certainly didn’t discourage alcohol abuse.

I was happy to partake.  I enjoyed the social aspect of it and the taste of many kinds of drinks.  Sadly, drunkenness was a common occurrence for me and the situations I put myself in or got into while drinking would stun you.  It’s amazing I am alive and healthy.  

While I thought I was a Christian in early college, my behavior showed absolutely no evidence of such.  I shared my walk to Christ in this post.  

After I truly became a Christian, I did not stop drinking or even over drinking.  I will say that I did feel conviction afterwards, which was new.  I was still very immersed in the social side of alcohol though and had little to no self control.

As my walk with the LORD grew, so did my feelings of conviction of drunkenness.   Alcohol was a self medication for me at times, in college, after, and when married.  We didn’t really keep it in the house, but I enjoyed frozen margaritas immensely sometimes at restaurants or parties.

I did not drink often, but when I did, I had to work hard at self control and sometimes failed.

God started convincing me that I was using alcohol for comfort at times instead of Him and needed to avoid drunkeness.  I had been setting up margarita dates with girlfriends (not Christian ones, interestingly enough) during stressful times.  I enjoyed both the taste and the buzz.  Seriously.

I would quit for awhile.  Then I quit for a long while.  Then we went through one of the most stressful events in my life.  I went out with a friend and overdid it so badly that I made myself sick (not a terribly uncommon event in my life, I wish wasn’t terribly true).

As God continued to grow conviction in my heart and mind that drunkenness was to be avoided and that I could possibly have a problem with alcohol, He stepped in with a new idea via my daughter.

One day, when Hannah Beth was six, we read a story from Storytime with the Millers.  The topic was mocking sin.  The children played as if one of their little cars had a drunk driver.  The father then discussed why mocking sin is wrong.  Well… Hannah Beth understood that, but she didn’t understand what drunk driving was.

“Drunk driving is when a person drinks a lot of alcohol and then drives.”

“Why is that bad?”

“Well, alcohol affects the brain and that means a person can not make good decisions about driving the car.”

“Does all alcohol affect the brain?”

“Yes.  The more you drink, though, the more it affects the brain.”

“But even some affects it?”



“Well… in lots of ways, but basically a person does not think like normally.”

“Do people know that’s what alcohol does?”


“Then why would they drink it?”

{insert long pause here}

“Because it tastes good and feels good.”

“It feels good to not have your brain working right?”

{insert another long pause here}

“Yes, sometimes.”

Come back next week for the rest of the story for Part 2!

Have you considered alcohol use and its affects? 

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