A Whole New World

by GfG on November 13, 2012 · 4 comments

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A sweet darling little four year old voice woke me Sunday morning with this, “I need my snow pants and boots!”


“There is snow everywhere, Mama!  I want to go play in it!”

That woke me up.  Sure enough, our surroundings were covered in a two inch layer of snow!  It was a bit surreal to me to see this amount of snow and to see it in November!

Chloe, Phoebe and Esther were already out playing in it, with grins bigger than I could have imagined and after helping Paul Louis dress appropriately, he joined them.  Naturally, snow balls were first on the agenda.The girls were determined to make use of the sled we got at a resale shop and had just been waiting for an adult to break the warmth barrier.  The driveway beckoned.

While the effort and the heart were there, the sledding experience was not.  They even walked back up the hill to the neighborhood area to see if pavement works better. We will have to get some lessons from our local friends.
 Naturally, I requested in the sweetest possible mommy voice for a few posed photos to document the day.

Ok.  Maybe more than a few.

Clearly, we still have some skills to master.  For example, you might notice that only two of the children have on snow pants in the first photos, while one has on her favorite skirt and the other is sporting her favorite pajama pants.   By the time Noah finally woke up, some of the kiddos had decided my suggestion of snow pants, snow coats and snow gloves were all no longer crazy suggestions.  Noah not being one of them.  Ahem.

And one brilliant child who is obviously the most like me, decided the snow was not all that much fun (aka: “My hands hurt and they are cold!”), but getting out of wet clothes and then reading by the wood stove were perfect.

Actually, maybe Hannah Beth was the most brilliant.  She stayed in bed.

Our first New Mexico snow was beautiful! 


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