Simplified Dinners {an Eating Well giveaway}

by GfG on October 18, 2012 · 11 comments

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{This giveaway goes fabulously with my Eating Well series/challenge. }

I just love it when I hear from a fellow homeschooling and stay-at-home mom about a product she’s developed on her own.  Makes me want to share the love.  When it’s a great product, it makes me happy to share the love.

Today, I’m definitely sharing the love.  Let me introduce you to Simplified Dinners by Mystie Winckler.

Simplified Dinners was an answer to a prayer request for which I didn’t even know to pray.  Don’t you love it when God sends you something that you didn’t realize how badly you needed?

Mystie developed this fabulous eBook after having her third child, still wanting to cook well, but no longer having the time or budget to look up recipes, experiment, and shop for exotic or costly ingredients.

If you aren’t in love with cooking elaborate meals, this book is for you.

If you are in love with cooking elaborate meals, this book is still for you.

Simplified Dinners is a busy mom’s (and what mom do you know that isn’t busy?) answer to healthy, simple, affordable, and tasty meals.  Seriously.

Simplified Dinners eBook


Mystie has created a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to create a variety of meals without a variety of steps and without having to keep ingredients on hand that you rarely use.  She gave me a copy for my consideration, but it was not dependent upon a review.  I wanted to share my thoughts.

Reasons I will keep using Simplified Dinners in my home:

  • I appreciate that the recipes are dash of this and sprinkle of that.  While it took me a bit to get used to that, since I’m wary of branching out with a recipe until I’ve made it at least once, it really does make the recipe less stressful.
  • I like the healthy recipes.  All of them use natural ingredients.  A real must have for me, but a wonderful asset for those just starting out in the natural ingredients world because she makes it simple.
  • I like the variety of a basic offered in every section.   I am so happy to have different ways to cook a basic entree (like enchiladas, quick and easy soups, or slow cooker chicken) without having to find it online.  It’s all on the same page!
  • I love that each basic recipe has general steps.  I’ve actually learned a lot by using her method of recipe reading. This book is a basics of cooking tutorial as much as it is a recipe book, without making the reader feel taught.
  • I appreciate that a microwave is not used.  We have cut microwave use out of our home for heath reasons and I’m glad to see a cookbook that respects that idea.
  • I  like the idea of a master pantry list.  She provides a list of all the ingredients used in the book, which are staples for basic recipes.  Brilliant.
  • I love the meal plan suggestion. I love having a general meal schedule that isn’t dependent upon meat, but can be varied to include it (just choose a soup that has meat).

Mystie has been kind enough to offer a copy as a giveaway!  Yippee!

If you don’t to wait and instead want to buy it now, she has also offered a discount code to my readers (grace)!


If you would like to join the Eating Well challenge, please do so.  This eBook is a great resource for that.  I have the October challenge going on right now and will start a new one in November.  Eating well is not  just good living, it’s preventative medicine.

I believe Simplified Dinners has a lot to offer any mom.   Why not try to get it for free?!


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