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by GfG on August 7, 2012 · 3 comments

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We loved this house almost as soon as we saw it, but we weren’t sure about a homeschooling area.  We figured the “extra” room would be the school room, but it was bit… odd.  The realtor even said, “I’m not sure what the original intent of this room was.”  Uh-huh.

Well… we believe it works just fabulously.

The room is too narrow to have a table in it, so that is in the living room.  My beloved table and hutch (they were my grandmother’s) fit perfectly at the back wall of the living area.  I knew instantly it would become the school table.

We will do writing, grammar, math, handwriting and some read alouds here.  I’m ok with a work table that is in plain sight since the storage room is right next to it.

Walking in from the living areas, this lovely room with three sets of French doors, has (on the left) the book & materials storage zone.  Each cubby is categorized: lesson plan binders, notebooking binders, language arts, science, math, read alouds, and literature for each group of kiddos.  This helps everyone not have to search.

On the right: the computer work space (we have a decent amount of subjects on the computer, so this is the “school computer”), a small school desk for Wee Babe (he mostly does geography puzzles)  and our All About Spelling station (two magnetic boards on the wall, plus the books and word boxes).

So…. while the designers of this house may have had some unknown use for the strange room (remember, it leads to the master bedroom… French doors!?), we’ve found a great use for it.  Just like I said in my home tour video (which will give you a better feel for the room…. I dropped my camera and don’t have a good lens to shoot this small of an area), I can lay in bed and supervise (some) school while eating bon bons.      😉

Our school room is more of a room and area this year.

So, what does your school space(s) look like?  I’d love to see them.

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