Who I Want to be When I Grow Up

by GfG on July 12, 2012 · 3 comments

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My kids may not go back to New Mexico with me. They’ve fallen head over heels with one of my favorite people.

It is easy to do, actually.

I have a dear friend and mentor that has been kind enough to host us while we are visiting friends and family in Texas. Actually, when we came to spend a day with her before we moved, the kiddos begged me to see if we could sleep here when we returned next.  So, I asked.  Yes, that means I invited myself and five of my kids.  She, proving her awesomeness, eagerly responded in the affirmative.

Ms. Maridelle Crake is who I want to be when I grow up.  She is an amazing example of Christian love, truth sharing and hospitality.  Let me lay out the evidence:

  • She shares the Gospel with all of her friends and family.
  • She hosts three Good News Clubs (HB helped with one last year and loved it!).
  • She and her belated husband invited every single visitor to our church to lunch the first or second Sunday visited.
  • She is so active that she makes me look like a serious couch potato (She works out three days a week; has three horses she cares for herself; goes to horse training seminars; has children in her neighborhood over to see the horses, feed the deer, and play at her pond;  she sews for every baby born in the church; she has a garden that makes jaws drop; she brings all her extra produce to church on Sundays; and she cooks from scratch.  Those are only the activities I know about.).
  • She hosts an out of town youth group two-three times a year in her home for a WEEK!, has the church’s youth group out twice a year, and has older women over several times a month.
  • She brings up God’s Word in every visit I (as well as my kids) have with her.
All of these are why I admire her so much, but… honestly… they aren’t what make Ms. Crake so stinkin amazing to my kiddos.  Their evidence of her stupendous self is this list:
  • She had a hot dinner waiting when we pulled in from our eleven hours in the car.  And double chocolate cookies.
  • She served homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast the first morning.
  • She asked the children what they would like for dessert the next night. Then proceeded to make the requested dessert for breakfast and a chocolate pie for dessert with my son.
  • When she found out it was my favorite, she drove to town to buy cherries to make a cherry pie.  {It was amazing!}
  • When she learned how much Cutie Pie loves biscuits and gravy, she made them for breakfast.
  • She put a chicken feeder on the coffee table filled with M&Ms.
  • She has a ton of Legos and wooden blocks.
  • When she saw how miserable Wee Babe was from the long drive, the lack of sleep, and the idea of moving from house to house, she offered her home for two extra nights.  That makes five nights that this precious woman will be having six extra people stay with her.  Amazing.
  • She has a wall full of weapons. {Dad, every time I walk by, I stop and study a different knife!}
  • She has a singing bass.
  • She allowed my children to walk her horses and forage in her garden.
  • She has the coolest kids bunk room in the world.
  • She has deer that come to her door and do not leave, despite five loud humans.
  • She has a fun loving attitude and truly engages with each of them (involving them in cooking, games and activities).

I am amazed by Maridelle, and always have been.  She is an admirable “older woman”: she spoils in sweet {literally and figuratively} ways without being a pushover.  She expects good behavior, but knows they are children.  She will be firm when she needs to, but lets me be the mother.

I reached out to Maridelle over six years ago when I ventured into the land of wheat grinding, natural food, and healthy eating.  She responded with love and kindness and our friendship took off.  We have conversations about theology, current events, Biblical issues, church, and personal struggles.

I am so very grateful that she chooses to follow the Titus 2 mandate about intentional friendships with younger women and what they should be about.  Maridelle is willing to say hard things, if necessary, but she always encourages me in my calling. She always loves me.

When I am over 70, I hope I am just like her.

Do you have an older woman in your life who has invested in you? 


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