Our First Week at Our New Camp

by GfG on July 11, 2012 · 2 comments

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So, how did our first week of camp go?

Never in a million years would I have expected such a wonderful week.  Truly.

After twenty-two years in the camping business, I can say without a doubt that “our” new camp has some amazing staff.  Seriously.

After eighteen years as a camp couple/family, I can say without a doubt that “our” new staff made us feel at home and welcomed much more quickly than I thought possible.

After nine weeks in our new home, I can say without a doubt that God has confirmed the last issue of our decision: we like Camp Rising Sun.

I don’t know if I can express the sense of relief and joy this brings me.  When a woman leaves her home, the people she loves, the community she finds acceptance in, and the familiarity of a camp life and steps into the unknown in every way, that woman is at a certain level of anxiety all the time.

I’ve shared before how God encouraged us after we made this huge life changing decision.  I would remember those instances and  be reassured when I feared we had made a bad decision.

I’ve seen God’s provision in giving us a couple of new friends in like minded faith.  Three sweet families I’m excited to get to know.

And now I’ve learned how God was right all along: Camp Rising Sun is where we are supposed to be.  I sat and cried the day before camp ended because I realized, with a sweet surprise, that I did not feel like I had met the staff just five short days beforehand.

This is no small feat.  While I am an extrovert, I do not warm up to people immediately nor feel comfortable around them easily. The staff at Camp Rising Sun amazed me with their kindness, their joy, and their friendliness.  Some people (a newlywed couple and a few others) went the extra mile to help us feel at home.

My children were liked and appreciated.  My presence was not threatening or odd.  My family was embraced.

While I knew that My Sweetie would do very well at Camp Rising Sun, I just wasn’t sure if our family would.  Well… we did and we will.

I’m so grateful to see God’s provision and perfect loving kindness to us.

Had any wonderful affirmations in your life lately? 


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