Our Curriculum for 2012-2013

by GfG on July 31, 2012 · 12 comments

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Well, the decisions have been made (one of the hardest parts for me!) and it’s time to get going for this academic year.  I’m pumped!  Here’s how the Brouse House Curriculum Line Up looks this year.

History/Reading: We are switching primary curriculum again.  That’s a pretty big deal to me.  We used Sonlight for eight years and Tapestry of Grace for three, but neither were the fit I wanted, so we are giving BiblioPlan a try this year.  I’m excited about the change.  And hopeful.  Could this be the one?

Science: We are going to finish Apologia Astronomy and then move on to Swimming Creatures for The Youngers’ science.  HB will do Apologia physics and The Boy will do Apologia physical science.  I will also do a health class with those two.  I will use What the Bible Says About Healthy Living as our text, supplementing with Easy Homeopathy.

Language Arts: The Boy is taking his first online class with The Potter’s School.  His English I class will be a challenge academically for him and physically for me (I have to participate live for awhile and the class starts at 6:00am!).  HB will use Write at Home for the first time.  I believe it will be a good fit for us.  For Princess, Faith and Cutie Pie, we will continue to use All About Spelling, Writing with Ease, and First Language Lessons.

Math: No changes here!       😉    RightStart Math and Teaching Textbooks are still making this teacher happy.

Foreign Language: Visual Latin joins the line up for the first time.  I’m hopeful about this program and will let you know how it goes.  We will also be learning American Sign Language.  I have my degree in Education for the Deaf, but haven’t passed my ASL skills on to my kids (though three of them took my co-op class one year).  I think that’s a disservice, so we are going to remedy that this year.

Geography: Visual World Geography still.  Love this program.  Seriously.  I believe we will be able to name every country by Christmas.  Keep me accountable to this statement.

Electives: For the first time (seems there are a lot of first in our school this year, huh?) I am having each of The Olders choose an elective of their own.  I want them to know that we value helping them develop their interests, so they get to decide the subject and we made a plan together. I will share more on this with a separate post soon.

Bible Study: Besides sermon study and personal reading, we will be doing Inductive Bible Study for the first time as a family.

So… there ya’ have it: our curriculum for 2012-2013.

What will you be using this year?  Any “first time stuff” for you?  Link up!

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