My Car & Travel First Aid Kits

by GfG on July 13, 2012 · 6 comments

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I am no Girl Scout.  I’m just a mom.  I do like to be prepared, however and I can say the Girl Scout Pledge, so that’s something… maybe?.  In the past, my liking to be prepared was more of a wish, not actually preparedness.

It’s funny.  I’ve gotten better over the years in many ways as a mom and in others, I just don’t care any more.  For example, I just don’t care about socks: matching, fitting, being cute.  However,I do care about having a first aid kit.

I don’t know if it’s the number of children and therefore the increase in odds of someone getting injured or what, but I like having a well stocked first aid kit.

Since a road trip was in our future, I made sure the car first aid kit was prepped.  It’s not the typical Red Cross First Aid kit.  Just like my purse kit, it’s a hybrid.  Like me.     😉

Here’s what I have found is best to have on hand:

  • baking soda (This stuff has tons of uses, including taking care of splinters and sting ray & insect stings!)
  • a couple of empty Ziploc bags (for mixing the baking soda into a paste, creating an ice pack or any other number of uses)
  • bandages and gauze of all sizes
  • Advil and Tylenol
  • instant cold pack
  • emergency wrap
  • Smile’s Prid drawing salve 
  • scissors
  • Tea Tree oil (this is a natural antibodic that is very potent)
  • arnica capsules and arnica cream (these are in my purse kit, but I keep extra because they are so useful)
  • Purification oil (this is for insect bites/stings)
  • antibx cream (hubby insist this be in there; I prefer the Burt’s Bee Res-Q Cream)
  • a couple of dollars (this sounds silly, but sometimes I have no cash and you just need it)
  • small container of coconut oil (lots of uses for this stuff too!)
  • plus everything that is in my purse first aid kit

(Note: when essential oils and homeopathics have to be near each other, keep them each in Ziploc bags.  It’s best they not be close, but in this case, they need to, so it’s necessary to “seal” them.)

For traveling on long trips, I have an extra kit in case someone gets sick.  It saves a lot of money and sometimes prevents stressful middle of the night trips to the store if I just go ahead and pack a few medical necessities.

Here is what goes in my travel first aid kit (more of a In Case We Get Sick Away From Home Kit):

  • Thieves oil (my very favorite essential oil; many uses)
  • grapefruit seed extract (my idea of a miracle antbx)
  • empty capsules
  • Emergen-C packets
  • thermometer
  • homeopathic ear treatment
  • liquid Ibruprofen (I try to avoid using this, but sometimes it is the best answer for my sick kiddos)
  • plus everything in my purse and car kits

Being prepared is not my strong suit, but I’m getting better at it (if you don’t count socks).  Taking the time before a trip to stock up helps me, especially if My Sweetie isn’t going with us (my best in-case-of-emergency item to have).

Do you have car and travel first aid kits? 



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