Long Distance Tea Party

by GfG on June 13, 2012 · 8 comments

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I was priviledged to be a part of one of the cutest plans in the history of our family two weeks ago.  Seriously.

Faith planned a tea party.  Yes, yes, that’s not anything unusual or spectacular, especially for her, but it wasn’t any ol’ tea party.

Faith approached me with an idea so stinkin cute that all I could think was, “Precious, precious, precious!”.

She looks up at me one afternoon with an ear to ear grin shining on her face.

“Mom, I would like to have a Skype tea party with Hailey.  I want to mail her one of my tea cups, a packet of cocoa, and some cookies and then call her on Skype.  I will have my tea set set up and we can have a tea party together even though we are far apart.”

(insert eyes shimmering with tears and a grin to match hers)

So, she bought the “exact cookies in mind”, chose a packet of hot cocoa (who says you have to have tea at a tea party?), she wrapped her one of her cherished china tea cups, she packaged the cookies, and we mailed the tea party in a box.

And then I called Hailey’s mom.  I explained the plan and how excited Faith was to surprise her friend.  We set a date and time.

On the day, Faith checked the clock about a hundred times.  Seriously.

She giggled all day.  Seriously.

She skipped around beginning at noon.  Seriously.

We were all excited with and for her.

She had everything set up half an hour early and even let Cutie Pie join the special event.

While things didn’t quite go as planned (her friend spilled hot cocoa on her computer, killing it… eeek!), Faith handled it beautifully and focused on the task at hand: talking to her friend and having a tea party “together”.  They ate the cookies, they sipped the cocoa, they giggled… they connected.

I watched Faith and my faith was encouraged.

This daughter who has her learning struggles taught us all a lesson.

She was proactive.  She was creative.  She was loving.

She saw not the distance, but the goal.

I couldn’t have been more proud of her that day.

It was the most memorable tea party I haven’t been invited to.


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