Family Exercise

by GfG on June 5, 2012 · 10 comments

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Raise your hand if you like to work out?  Raise your hand if you enjoy a good sweat fest?  Raise your hand if you like running?

Every single hand is down here at the Brouse House.  Sorry to burst your bubble.

Now, don’t get me wrong, when I’m in the mental health (pun not intended, but funny) zone, I enjoy me some fast walking, Tae-bo, aerobics and even Bollywood dance.  Since turning 40 and “freaking out my knee”, things are different, though.  I do enjoy walking and am trying to get back into that.  My kids love active play.  We are not sloths.

My kids don’t really play sports and since the move, they haven’t had a back yard and camp to run around.  As a part of Adjust to New Mexico Life, I’ve added exercise to our daily schedule.  I thought it would go over like lead balloons (or dumb bells), but it actually has been well received.

Day 1: I “tested” everyone in jumping jacks, push ups, deep knee bends and sit ups.   I wanted to know their comfort level.  After that, we ran around the outside of the house 1-3 times.  Finally, we all went on a walk to the mail box (a distance of 1 mile).

Days 2-8:  Divided into groups (Bigs and Littles), we did our set amount of each exercise.  Then the walk.

Days 9- forever (or until it snows/freezes/becomes unbearable for me to be outside, whichever comes first): Same as previous, but adding the exercises after the walk in addition to before the walk.  We will increase the amounts in each exercise when it is “too easy”.

I refuse to tell you how many push ups were in my starting set.  Re.fuse.  I knew I was seriously lacking in the arm strength (which is funny because I often get comments about how “cut” my arms are), but…. wow.  The kids encouraged me on week two when I didn’t scream while doing my push ups.  Aren’t they sweet?

I also don’t do the sit ups.  They aren’t good for my diastasis recti and I can’t find my wrap.  For now, I just do my Tuppler Technique exercises.

On days that we go hiking or to the zoo all day, we don’t do this program.   No need.  We also skip this on Sundays.  Day of rest and all.          🙂

Midway through week two, I remembered a book I bought years ago (Family Time Fitness) thinking I would institute physical education in our homeschool.  Ahem.  Yeah, that book has gathered dust.   Oh, the irony.  I think it’s time to get it out (thanks to my packing system, I should know which box it’s in!)

Honestly, we just didn’t need it.  We were active enough.

Now, we aren’t.  We needed a little boost.  Or, in the case of my push up abilities, we needed a serious lift.

I want my kids to understand that activity is good for us, so we talk about why this new program has been instituted.  I want them to know that there is a difference between being thin and being in shape, so we talk about that too.  I want them to encourage one another, so we cheer when someone has a rough time and perseveres.

The other benefit for our little family exercise is that my children see that there are ways to be in shape without having to join a gym or a sports team or spend any money.

Are you and your kids active?


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