Family Centered C-Section: a Nurse Director’s Story

by GfG on June 14, 2012 · 4 comments

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Today’s post is an interview with Tina Korbelik BSN, MSN, RNC-OB, Director of Women’s Services at a hospital in Texas.  I’m excited to share her side of this story so that other medical professionals can be encouraged to embrace this kind of c-section.  Read on!

I began in OB some 20+ years ago falling in love with this area of nursing after a rotation in nursing school. Just like they say you either love OB or not so much. I just love it!

Through all the years I have found that one thing that everyone remembers is the birth of their children. It is amazing to me that you can talk to a lady that is 80+ years old and she can tell you all about the delivery of her babies. You can talk to both a husband and wife that were in the same delivery and they have different memories of how things happened.  I  really am just amazed!

I try to stress  with the staff that we help make such memories for our patients.  They remember their labor nurse or the nurse that was there when their baby was born. People continue to come up and talk to me telling their kids “that is the nurse that took care of you when you were born”. You form such a special bond with those families.

I have worked with Niessa (midwife who brought the idea of the family centered c-section) for several years here at PRMC. Niessa has come to me with ideas, great ideas. I  have worked with her to try and figure out how we can make some of these ideas happen,  and who we all need to get involved.  Part of working to make things better is keeping an open mind!

The ultimate goal  for the nursing staff here is to create the very best experience possible for new families.

We have completed 4 Family Centered C-sections to date. We have plans in progress for most  all of our scheduled c-sections to be preformed with the family centered aspect model.
What was your initial Reaction to the idea of a family centered c-section?

I thought it was a great idea. I am open to new ideas always wanting to grow and improve our processes and services.

What caused you to consider doing a family centered c-section?

My first consideration in implementation of a family centered c-section came from  Erin. With the situation that both her and Blair experienced with their first delivery I really wanted to do whatever I could possible to decrease any stress and anxiety that they may feel going into this procedure.   I wanted this experience to be better for them. When I saw the many positive aspects of the procedure with the bonding for mother, baby and daddy, I was sold on the process.

What are the challenges of a family centered c-section from your role?

Getting all staff involved to understand and have buy in with the process.

What changes to your procedure have you made to make a family centered c-section possible?

Now that we have worked through a few c-sections we are working to develop education, training ,and policies to guide all staff involved in the process. We have changed how mom is involved in the process and how she is  able to see her new baby for the first time.  When the mother is able to hold him/her and how the infant is able to stay with the parents after the birth. The mother also is able to be involved and view the weighing of the infant and the first bath. In general the infant staying with the mother during the surgery and during the mothers recovery period.

What benefits have you already seen for your patients who have had family centered c-sections?  

The overall process has been an improvement in the bonding experience for the entire family.  When the mother and infant is able to stay together you have a more calm relaxed environment for both mom and baby. This decreases the anxiety levels for both mom and dad. Both parents are able  to be part of the initial weighing and the first bath of the infant. This beginning enhances the bonding experience for both parents.

How did it feel to watch the reaction of your patient during the family centered c-section?

Absolutely wonderful! It is hard to put your feelings into words seeing parents meet their newborn for that first time. I feel so blessed to be able to share experiences like that with families.

What surprised you the most about the family centered c-section?

What little changes are needed to have such a positive effect on all involved!

How would you describe the atmosphere in the OR during a regular c-section compared to a family centered c-section?

During a routine c-section that we have done in the past, usually, after the baby is delivered, the baby and father of  the infant leave the room with some of the nursing personal and the newborn’s doctor. During a family centered c-section, focus remains on the infant and the parents as the surgery is complete after the delivery of the infant. We are able to beginning the breastfeeding process and allow the infant to remains skin to skin with the mom with the dad right by her side after the delivery. Staff  remains at bedside to assist with infant as needed. All staff in  the OR room is aware of the presence of this special time for the new parents and is respectful of this period and bonding time with their new baby.

Why do you think family centered c-sections are an option other medical professional should consider for their patients?

It is simple changes in a procedure that adds so much to the bonding process in our new families, why would you not want to do it?

How has being a part of family centered c-section affected you personally?  

It has been a wonderful addition to the family centered care we offer here. To be able to make changes to enhance the birthing process for our new families touches me deeply. It reminds me of why I do what I do.



If you are considering having this kind of c-section or aspects of it, why not send this link to your doctor or print out the post and give it to him/her?  Hearing from others in the medical profession goes a long way.

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ALSO:  Coming soon…. my Ebook: Make the Most of Your C-Section: Tips from a C-Section Mom of 6!          🙂

Let’s hear it for Tina and her hospital!  

*photo used with permission

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