Using Cloth Napkins

by GfG on May 21, 2012 · 11 comments

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Ok, I finally decided to try something I’ve heard others rave about: cloth napkins.

I really was skeptical that I wouldn’t just be adding more to my laundry mountain without really seeing a difference in our budget, but, while unpacking, I found the ones I’ve been saving.  Throwing caution (and the likelihood of more laundry) to the wind, I placed one at each person’s chair.  I told them they were to keep it until it was truly dirty.  Not just a little dirty, but too dirty to use.

We used them for over a week.  Truly.

So… while I will have to add eight cloth napkins to the wash once a week or so, we saved money not using a paper napkin every meal, every person.  It’s weird how the paper ones get dirty easier and don’t last very long.

Happily surprised, I’m looking for the other ones in my stash.

Now, don’t go thinking I’ll iron them or anything.   That’s just plumb crazy.  I avoid ironing clothes, so I for sure will not be ironing napkins.  That means I may look for more that are made of a non-wrinkly material at garage sales and such.  I’ve even considered… wait for it…. wait for… sewing my own.  I know, huh?  Clearly, the move has rattled my brain.

For now, our little ones work just fine.

After each meal, we just place the napkin on our seats, so the table can be wiped down, and they are ready and waiting.

I can’t believe it was this easy.

Have you used cloth napkins? 

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