What We’re Learning {weekly link up}

by GfG on April 27, 2012 · 1 comment

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What a week.  The stacks of boxes.  The empty walls.  The big fat mess.  Egad.

Here’s What We’re Learning, amid the boxes, walls and mess:

1) Foraging can be fun.

I’m not kidding in the slightest that my kiddos have basically become foragers for their lunches.   It’s simply a matter of necessity.  I keep not going to the store and instead I keep putting stuff all over the kitchen table and counters and such.  I get distracted until way past lunch prep time.  Then, the darlings come running and say their favorite lunch request, “Can we fix our own lunch?”  Seriously.  They LOVE foraging around the pantry and fridge to create their own meal.  Love it.

So… a foraging they will go.  Until probably a week after we land in Albuquerque.  I should probably make sure the boxes from the pantry get unloaded promptly.

2) Mammograms are not fun.

I’m not even gonna elaborate on that.

3) Friends who like to help are fun.

I have been so blown away by friends who are willing to help me/us.  Some have brought boxes for us (to avoid the frat house after rush week look).  Others have come wade through the mess and helped me pack.

They have helped me stay on task when I start feeling overwhelmed.  They have helped me purge (one even accepted my request to, “Just make those things disappear.”).  They have helped me finish.

We had to be done packing Wednesday, which is eight days before the movers come.  This is due to leaving town for the weekend as a family and then leaving town as a couple to go find a home.  Little things, ya’ know.  So… the time schedule was pretty stinkin’ tight.

Friends who help are big fun.

4)  Friends who remember that my family needs to eat are fun.

While the first item on this week’s list is fun, it’s only fun for the kids and for lunch.  Dinner, My Sweetie likes to have hot and ready.  Not whatever and wherever.  Thankfully, a sweet friend from church took it upon herself to deliver three nights’ worth of dinners.  Yes, I said three nights’ worth.

To my family.

The first time, she texted at 4:00, “I have some boxes for you.  Can I come by?”  They were Pizza Hut boxes filled to the brim.

My kids practically hugged her to death.

I almost did the same when she delivered FOUR large unsweetened teas to my fridge while I was out two afternoons later.

Friends who feed the family are for sure fun.

That’s What We’re Learning!  What about you?  Link up!

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