Family Centered C-Section

by GfG on April 2, 2012 · 25 comments

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My dream birth has never happened, but I have been incredibly blessed to have six children, all via c-section.  My cesareans were not the birth experiences I have wanted, but my children and I were both ok at the end of them and that’s the most important aspect.  Due to a bone disorder, my body will not deliver a child the natural way.  That makes me grateful for the day and age I live in, since I would not have survived my first baby if I lived centuries ago.

I kind of have a “thing” for helping women make the most of their c-sections. I have a whole list of things to request to help make the surgery less stressful and more special.

But… c-sections are still not what I’d like them to be: a birth experience.

Until now.

When a sweet friend sent me the following video, I wept.  This family/woman centered c-section is as close to a natural birth as a woman can have in the OR.

Through an amazing series of events that began months ago, this kind of c-section took place in our little city  last week.  I can’t believe it, really, but it’s true.  A woman whose first delivery was terrible was able to have her second child in this loving and special, yet still surgically safe way.

I’ll share my love/hate relationship with c-sections at a later date, but for today… join me in celebrating and praying for more of these kinds of birth experiences for women who have to have c-sections, won’t you?

I know it’s almost 12 minutes, but you will be so touched by watching this alternative type of c-section.


If you had to have a c-section, would you opt for this style?


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