What We’re Learning {link up}

by GfG on March 28, 2012

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Lots of learning going on around here, some good, some silly.  Here’s what we’re learning, all, most, some or one of us:

1) Which allergy medicines I should take when mid to late March rolls around.  I think it’s the oak.  I remember having to take medicine while Wee Babe was in the NICU, so this time of year must get me.  It’s not as bad as cedar (aka: tree spawn of the devil), but oak is not my friend.  Neither is dust (which was stirred while gathering library books).

2)  How to ice a Papau New Guinea cake and keep it from being devoured before the due time.  Wee Babe was thrilled with his birthday cake and immediately identified his “favorite country”.   🙂     Princess and I were relieved he recognized it.  I’m guessing it’s a first in the birthday cake world.  What do you think?


3)  Ideal gas laws and how they apply to stoichiometry (don’t even think of asking me about this), powers, diagramming adverbs, Native Americans in North America in the late 1800s, multiplying decimals, Reconstruction, the difference between a combine and a tractor, who Buffalo Bill was and how to divide wholes into fractions.

4)  How to do school when Mama doesn’t have a voice (related to #1).  My voice is pretty crucial to our homeschool.  Turns out, me not being able to speak at all or just above a whisper isn’t as fun as the kiddos thought it would be.  The bell I ring to get their attention isn’t a delight to their ears.  The kids are learning how to teach their younger siblings’ lessons and that is a super experience.

Things would be easier if I had taught them all American Sign Language (which I was near fluent in, back in the day), but I didn’t get past ten lessons or so.  My signing just causes blank stares about 90% of the time.  So, this week we’re having a crash refresher course in sign language.  Oddly enough, they seem to understand, “You can eat now”, but, thankfully, not “I’m hiding OREOs from you!”

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