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by GfG on March 19, 2012 · 6 comments

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I have a love/hate relationship with paper.   Man, I love a new notebook.  All the crisp, clean pages.  A cheer me up for sure.  Just as fun as a new sharpie, really.

BUT… once the newness of the notebook nearly neutralizes, I am left with scraggly, mangled, half-written in notebooks that seem to wander as much as these stinkin’ balls did.

I bought a half a dozen of some wonderful products that do the same task I’m about to share with you, for only a few dollars each, but then a friend told me an even easier and MUCH cheaper solution.  I just about smacked myself in the head.  Now, don’t go smacking yourself after you hear this great tip, but, instead, send a chocolate covered almond to me as a thank you.

Ok, fine.  Just eat one yourself and we’ll call it even.

If you need to write math problems, spelling word lists, short little diagrams, and such for homeschooling or homework… instead of  using paper… use a page protector with a sheet of computer paper inside it.

Easy cheesy for all kinds of situations in which you don’t want the bulk of a dry erase board, can’t find a notebook and are sick of using paper just for some little tasks.

This little tool can even be altered to fit your most commonly written or drawn tasks.  For example, with our Right Start Math, we use the part-whole circles diagram a lot, so one side has that already drawn on the paper.  Less time when I do math warm up.  No paper wasted.

I have a few of these great tools that stay in the math manipulatives drawer.  Faith and Cutie Pie adore getting to write on them and wipe them off, but that’s an added bonus.  I like just not having to find an unclaimed notebook or wasting more precious paper.  As homeschoolers, every item is a cost.  This item will save you plenty of money.

Ok, are you smacking?  If so, I hope it’s an almond, not your head.   🙂

Come back tomorrow and hear What We’re Learning and link up with your own real, silly or otherwise learnings.


How quickly can you make a money and paper saving tool out of a page protector and a piece of paper? 


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