Education Options in Texas

by GfG on March 27, 2012 · 3 comments

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Recently, I realized that most people are unaware of the amount of freedom they have as Texans when it comes to educational options.  Most believe they have three choice: send them to public school,send them to private school or homeschool.

Actually, legally, in Texas, you have two choices: public school or private school.  Hold on, partner!  That’s a good thing.

That’s because homeschools are categorized as private schools in this beautiful state AND private schools are unregulated (no mandatory testing, no teacher certification required, no minimum days, etc).   That freedom translates to many different options!

Did you know that you could:

  • homeschool your kids yourself
  • have someone else teach your kids (you could pay them or trade out services [babysitting, taxes, house cleaning, etc]) in your home or theirs or somewhere else
  • pool together with like minded parents and hire someone (or a few someones) to teach your children
  • start a co-op with some like minded parents and share subject loads
  • teach someone else’s child(ren) along with yours (and even get paid for it)
  • homeschool via an online program where you are a supervisor, not the teacher
  • any number of combination of these scenarios

Texans are very fond of their freedoms and this blesses children.

So… if you don’t want your kids (or your grandkids) to go to public school, think about why.  Really think about it.  If you don’t want them to go to a private school, think about why.  Really.  Then stop and consider all the different ways you could make the educational day work for your student, not your student work for it.

You are NOT locked into sending them off or doing it all yourself, here in Texas.

Can I hear a yee-haw?


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