Easy Spring Craft

by GfG on March 23, 2012 · 2 comments

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Spring has sprung in Texas and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  I just love springtime and all the blooms: trees, flower, weeds, whatever!

We try to do a little something on the first day of every season.  It helps the younger children recognize the seasons, officially.  Being in Central Texas, it makes it difficult to remember it’s winter when you are running around barefoot and in shorts.  So, commemorating the official day is fun.  (One of our fall parties and one of our winter parties.)

My very favorite first day of spring activity to do with the kids is to make bird nests.  I like it because it’s quick and easy.  That was just what we needed this year.

Bird nests:  Melt chocolate bark until smooth and pour over chinese noodles in a bowl.  Mix well.  Place a big spoonful on a piece of wax paper in front of each kiddo and allow them to shape into a nest.  After cooled, place candy eggs in center.  Seriously, that’s all.

We’ve also done some fun coffee filter butterflies before and those are easy too, but not as delicious.    The kids love making, placing the eggs and eating these cute nests.  They are a hit every single time.

I didn’t have time to have friends over for a party, so we took a walk as a family and made the yummy nests.   The next day, the kids made these precious trees in bloom.  They are very simple to make.

Redbud Tree: Simply find a branch that resembles a tree with branches.  Next take little bits of pink tissue paper and squish them.  Glue on to the tree and allow to dry.  Place in a pretty container.  Viola!    You can use just white to resemble cherry trees.  This craft is not great for children under 4 because it requires a lot of sitting time (unless they are content with just a few blooms, which works for me!), but makes it a nice relaxing craft for older kids.

Both of these hands on activities together cost about $5.

Spring has sprung out our home!  🙂

Why not take a little time to celebrate the ending of winter?  

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