Declutter Cups! {giveaway}

by GfG on March 7, 2012 · 16 comments

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Raise your hand if you have too many dirty cups at the end of the day?

Keep your hand up if you often have no idea who used many of the cups?

Let me introduce to DrinkBands!  (Ok, you can put your hand down now.)

Keeping track of whose cup is whose has been a hassle.  I tried marking the stainless steel cups with nail polish, but it barely worked and looked terrible. I’ve shared before how I used silly bands to designate the kids’ cups…BUT they do not hold up well and I was left scrounging for the right color (yes, my kiddos are “assigned” a color) as well as wasting.

In stepped DrinkBands.  Man, I wish I had thought of these durable accessories for my kitchen.  The concept of the silly bands is the same, but these little babies are up to the task, long term!

No longer do I see a cup in the wrong place, at the wrong time, doing the wrong thing and wonder, “Whose is that?  Who do I need to train/correct/fuss at with lots of lilting love in my voice?”

Now, I know immediately.  Yeah, the kids’ initial excitement waned a bit once they realized I was no longer going to just move the erring cups, but would call the culprit.     😉    Their enthusiasm returned quickly, though, because they really enjoy seeing all the cups “decorated” as well as being able to find theirs quickly.  A win/win, seriously.

DrinkBand benefits already in our home:

  • everyone knows whose cup is whose (even the 3yo)
  • no one needs to “just get a new cup” because they can’t remember which cup is theirs
  • cups are more likely to be in their little nest since we know it’s actually in use
  • The Boy’s dish washing load is significantly down
You do not have to have a large family to benefit from owning DrinkBands.

Occasions this will help you:

  • when you have company
  • when you are visiting grandparents
  • when on a trip with water bottles
  • when the littles start using real glasses
  • when you want to cut down on the counter clutter
  • when cups/bottles get mixed up easily (including team water bottles and such)
  • for decreasing the  dish washing load (I’d say the dish washer, but some of us don’t have on of those     😉    )
  • providing a good grip on some cups and glasses for littles
  • for staying organized
  • one set for home and one for travel/visiting

DrinkBands come in two sizes (regular and small)  and are very easy to put on, but take effort to get off (a real plus for little ones who think maybe it’s a new challenge/toy/game).  Both sizes have assets: the small fits bottles, sippy cups and small glasses; the regular fits normal sized to large cups, sippie cups, mugs, sports bottles.  We have found the regular fits our small stainless steel cups just fine, as well as the large glasses.

I’m so excited about DrinkBands that I’m having a giveaway for a complete set: 16 bands, one of each color in the regular AND small size!  Enter and spread the news about this wonderful product!  Click [click to continue] to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’m very glad to have DrinkBands in our home now!


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