Kickball Chaos

by GfG on February 27, 2012 · 1 comment

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Our church had family camp this weekend.  It totally rocked.  And by rocked, I mean that it was beautiful and fun and lovely and delightful.  One event left my family breathless (and by my family, I mean me).

Kickball chaos.

When the camp leaders announced that instead of boring ol’ kickball, we would be playing kickball chaos, I was a bit concerned.  Any game with the name of chaos in it makes me a little uncomfortable.  I’m not all that brave, physically.  Add in my six kiddos and I become much, much less than brave and much, much more than uncomfortable.

Turns out kickball chaos is four games of kickball going on at the same time, sharing the large field.  One game’s home base is another teams far outfield.  Every game shares second base.   Any team can play the outfield for any other game.

Uh, huh.  Chaos.

Turns out chaos can be fun sometimes.

We ran like rabbits being chased by foxes made of rubber and that can hit us with undesired stinging smacks on the body (and by we, I mean we).  We kicked with serious power as well as skill in direction (and by we, I mean none of us).  We jumped up and down screaming for our team with unbridled enthusiasm (and by we, I mean me).

We caught seriously large playground balls heading towards our heads at lightening speeds (and by we, I mean them… I dodged).  We threw those same deceivingly heavy and hard to handle balls across a field and over people’s heads (and by we, I mean them… I tossed about three feet).    We slide into home base with a long denim skirt on to get someone out, despite the fact that it’s usually the runner who does the sliding (and by we, I mean me).

We all had a blast (and by we, I mean we).      Our game was exceptionally tough and enjoyed showing that for the camera.   The chaos was worth the fun and I think this will be a must play at other larger gatherings.

We are so sore, though, that we had to use our hands (whose arms balked) to lift our legs onto the bed after arriving home Sunday night…

(and by we, I mean…? )

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