Do This: What I Love About You

by GfG on February 10, 2012 · 2 comments

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I wanted to remind you (or share with you, if you’re new) about an easy, but incredibly meaningful Valentine’s Day activity you can do with your family.  It’s free, but priceless.

Go around the table and tell each person why you love them.  Everyone gets a turn.  Everyone gets blessed.

You should give your children notice that this will happen, so they have time to think about it (if the child is under three years old, forget about it, just roll with it).  While most children can say, “I love you”, they haven’t had to think through and share WHY they love you (and their dad and their siblings).  I think it’s an important activity.  Yes, even for, maybe especially for  boys and teens to do.   I promise you the words will leave your heart impressed with joy and gratefulness.

We have done this for going on eleven years and it’s the highlight of our heart shaped meal and dessert with treats dinner (aka: our I Love You Party).

Edited to add (1/11/13) I want to say that from here on out we won’t be saying why we love each other because that should be unconditional in a family.  Ex: I love you because your my sister.  BUT we will still be sharing these thoughts.  We just will say, “What I love about you is….”

Why not celebrate the love in your family by sharing the love verbally?

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