Awesome App for Homeschooling Moms (aka: My New Best Friend)

by GfG on February 7, 2012 · 3 comments

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Last week Two weeks ago, I shared how much the iPad is adding to our homeschool.  Today, I want to tell you about the app that has changed my homeschooling life.  It’s my new best friend.

I got the shorter end of the organizational stick in the gene pool.  I’m not naturally gifted at becoming (or staying) organized.  I’m also easily distracted.   Facebook and the internet (and now Pinterest) makes this weakness even tougher.

Anyway, let me say, finding a tool that helps someone like me stay on task is a real treasure for homeschooling.  When you have a nice sized to-do list every day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and give up.  My color coded schedule is really pretty, but I don’t feel the reinforcement when I finish a task.  Did you know that endorphines are actually released when you cross items off ?

So, as I looked for a “to-do list app”,  I was insistent that it allow me to cross the items off.  I also wanted to be able to assign a time.  There are lots of apps for to do lists, but none of these fit what I wanted/needed (there’s a fine line sometimes, though My Sweetie says otherwise).

Then I found…

Awesome Note.  It definitely is.  Actually, I’m 100% confident that I only use about 20% of the capabilities of this app, BUT that 20% rocks my world and has helped me get four weeks of school done, every day, every task.  You heard that right, folks, four weeks of all school.  I have not skipped.  I have not avoided.  I have not put off homeschooling tasks.

Stunning, yes?

My Precious, I mean, the iPad stays near me all day as I teach.  I cross off my task and immediately feel the rush.  Since Awesome Note allows you to not only schedule the task in the To Do List, but to have it repeat as often as you like, my homeschool subjects show up every school day (Monday-Thursday for us).

{click on image if you want to see the details of the list}

Naturally, I input other special tasks as necessary, which makes life more organized.  I will probably expand that side of the app in the next month or so, but, for now, I am focusing on the benefit of staying on task during my school day. We are so much more productive, it’s crazy.   Seriously.

Awesome Note is the best purchase for our homeschool in quite a long time.  It’s definitely my favorite app.

How do you keep on task during your homeschooling day? 

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