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Once a month, a few friends and I get together for dinner.  It’s a delightful time (unless you park in a pseud0-parking spot).  We have been friends for decades, but recently committed to working on our friendships and taking the time to be with one another.  I’m so glad we did.

Jan, is one of those friends.  I’ve shared here many times of my fondness for her as well as sharing about her walk with the LORD, valleys and a couple of  mountain peaks.

December 7th was a mountain peak.  Sersiously.

After close to forty years of wanting to be a mother, Jan became one.

Monday afternoon she was at a doctor’s office for a visit, when sweet Phil walked into the room.  She was startled.  He said gently, “Have you checked your phone?”  Jan had missed many calls (including the ones on Friday) from her doctor telling her she was to report to the hospital for an induction Monday morning.  So… she then went home and packed and went to the hospital.  She really wanted to have the baby naturally, so, even though she was only 38 weeks, they attempted an induction.  Then they attempted again  Wednesday morning.  Her body just wasn’t ready for labor, so late on Wednesday afternoon Jan had a c-section.  She is a Type I diabetic and going full term seriously increases the risks of stillbirth (since you’ll probably ask why not just wait.)

Eden was brought forth into this world, covered in prayer from the moment God started knitting her together.

Jan was awed.  Phil was beaming.  Eden was darling.

And I… I was just grateful.

Grateful for this life that has been loaned to two godly parents.  Grateful that Jan and Eden were both healthy.  Grateful that my friend was given the gift of mothering.

While the beginning hasn’t gone like Jan hoped, she was very sick and in pain most of the pregnancy, she had to have a c-section and low milk supply has been a struggle, the most important parts still resonates in our souls:

Eden is here.

Jan is a mama.

Both more wonderful than words.

Thank you so stinkin’ much, LORD, for these two delightful gifts.  Amen!

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