Meeting Eragon’s Maker

by GfG on November 28, 2011 · 5 comments

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HB is a bibliovore.  She is more comfortable with a book than with anything else.  Her best friends are fictional characters.

For her big Christmas gift, I took her to meet one of her favorite fictional characters: Eragon.

Ok, not really.  She met Christopher Paolini, but he’s Eragon’s maker, so that counts.  We made a big day of it (not that it wasn’t already a big day to her) and invited friends (a mother-daughter duo).

The anticipation of the day was secondary to the release of the final book in the Ergaon series: Inheritance.  HB has been counting it down since it was 84 days out.  I remember.  Her whole family remembers since we’ve heard how many days since then, seriously.

When the book arrived (preordered on Amazon), her daddy delivered it to her while we were still at co-op.  He knew it was a big deal.  She devoured every page.  Three days later, she joined the family again and we could sense her angst  at finishing the story.   Truly appreciating books is a gift and I’m so grateful she and I share that.   She loved the book and her whole family was happy for her.

Having finished that, she looked forward to hearing Christopher Paolini speak and getting his autograph.  The day did not disapoint.

He was a charming speaker, engaging his audience and connecting with them via the characters and lines from the stories.  I was actually impressed.  I’ve been to two book signings before this one (one for the kids and one for myself) and I liked both events, but was left with a little disappointment in some way.  Either the author wasn’t a good speaker or the author didn’t connect with the people who most appreciate his talent.  Anyhoo… Mr. Paolini did neither.

He was a premier homeschooling advertisement.  He has accomplished much at a young age and has confidence without arrogance.  A rarity.

When our turn in the line of over five hundred fans came up, HB caused him to pause and look up with concern and then laugh with her when she answered his question.  He delighted this mother’s heart when he asked the non-adults questions if they didn’t ask him one.  I admit this warmed me to him tremendously.

Signed books in hand, we left the store pleased with the event from head to toe.

Then… I introduced HB to Whole Foods in Austin.  Uh, huh.  She hadn’t been there.  My bad.  We gawked and shopped.  We chose our yummy dinner.  We ate on the roof.  We went back in to indulge in some seriously amazing gelato (double chocolate for me; caramel mocciacito for her).

I’d say it was scrumptious, but that would be an understatement.

Her gift was sweet success in many, many ways.

It was a special day I’ll always remember too, so maybe we both got a gift.

 Have you been to a book signing?  Have you or your kiddos read the Eragon series? 

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