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by GfG on November 23, 2011 · 3 comments

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Doing crafts is not up many mamas’ alleys.  I get it.  Really.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s not up mine either, but I know how much kids love them and I know they are good for their brain AND I know they create memories.

So, I do them a couple of times every semester.  🙂

If your kids (or your grandkids or your nieces/nephews or the neighbor kids you like… whatever) are hanging around today, why not do a quick craft with them?  I promise they will love it and… you can eat some chocolate afterwards if doing crafts stresses you out.  If you don’t like crafts, don’t leave!  I promise these are so easy that it’s a win/win for you and your kids.

The four little activities/crafts I’m going to share with you are very quick and very easy.  Seriously.  On a scale of one to ten, ten being Martha Stewart women only, these are twos and under.

Craft #1: Turkey Bag   (a 2 on the scale)

Materials Needed:  little brown bag, black Sharpie, construction paper (red, yellow, orange, brown), glue stick, scissors, pencil

Before kids come to the table (unless they are older): fold down the top of the paper bag twice.

With the kids:  Trace their hand three times on three different colors of construction paper and then cut out.  Cut out a little beak and a gobbler.  Have child glue on the front of the bag while they tell you different things they are thankful for and you write their comments on the back of the hand shape.  Glue the hands on the back of the bag to form the turkey’s tail feathers.  Child uses Sharpie to draw eyes.  See #3 to find a use for these bags.


Craft #2: Pilgrim Hats  (a 2 on the scale… unless you allow the kids to do all the chocolate dipping without you, then it jumps to a 7)

Materials Needed: (see photo at top of post to know what you are aiming for with these) marshmallows, chocolate bark, fudge striped cookies, paper plate or wax paper

Before the kids come to the table: melt the chocolate in a double boiler, place a cookie (or thirty) upside down on a piece of wax paper or a paper plate

With the kids: have the child drop one marshmallow in the chocolate and spoon more chocolate over it, covering it completely.  Pick the chocolate up with the spoon and knock off excess chocolate (tap the spoon on the side of the bowl).  Place the chocolate marshmallow on top of the cookie.  Allow to dry.

Bonus: use yellow decorating icing to dab a little “buckle” on the front of the marshmallow

Craft #3: Popcorn (a 1 on the scale)

Materials needed: popcorn and a popcorn maker, maple syrup

With the kids: pop the popcorn and remind them that the Native Americans brought popcorn to the First Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims had never seen it.  Drizzle with a tiny bit of maple syrup.  Fill their turkey bag with the popcorn and enjoy!  You can also fill the bag with more popcorn in the next few days as a treat (and no sugar 😉 ) or with notes.

Craft #4: Thankful Leaves/Pumpkins  (1 on the scale)

Materials needed: leaf and pumpkin doilies from the dollar store (or draw and cut them out yourself, but that bumps it up the scale), they come 32 to a pack for $1.

With the kids: have them write (or tell you) people they are thankful for on the leaves (and a little note to the person, if they are old enough) and deliver them to the appropriate people (you could also just tape them up on a window).

(In Faith’s case, she made my day by writing Mimi on one of her leaves {I gave them each 3}, but we won’t deliver it. 😉  )

What’s stopping you from doing a little craft or two with your kiddos today?  Make a mess and make a memory.  

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