County Fair II (or How Redneck Am I?)

by GfG on November 2, 2011 · 11 comments

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As I mentioned Monday, we enjoyed the quaintness of our county fair this past weekend.  Quaint and quirky, actually.

I bragged on my kiddos.  Truth be told, the true fair feat was done by little ole me.  And by true fair feat I mean something in true redneck fashion… I won first place in the skillet throwing competition.

You read that right.  The skillet throwing competition.

Over twenty women entered this competition and met in the rodeo area to show off our stuff.  While I waited my turn, I gleaned advice and wisdom from the other women.  It was a women only event and the rules stated that “you have to have a reason for throwing a skillet”.  Uh… ok.    I quickly realized I was in new territory and that maybe, just maybe, I didn’t fit in with the crowd.  I was the only one not drinking (or drunk… and it was only 3:30) and it seemed that I was the only one not “focusing on” an image of an ex-husband to encourage my skillet slinging skills.

I was a bit deterred when the first gal had her turn and she tossed that cast iron skillet sixty-seven feet.  My golly.  That’s a whoppin’ on a skillet.  I was worried I would embarrass myself (because entering a skillet throwing competition is not embarrassing in and of itself) and only throw the stinkin’ thing ten feet.  I received plenty of encouragement though (including comments from Gal #1’s son who said, “Oh, yer got at least fifty-feet in ya’!”) , so I pressed on and perservered.


I was over twenty feet behind in the distance category, but I nailed it, or him as the case may be, in the target hitting category.  The target being a smart mouthed cowboy.

I earned a blue ribbon.  Yes, yes, indeedy I did.   They saw me later and handed me my golden skillet that they forgot to bestow upon me at the ribbon ceremony.  I was grinning up a storm and glowing with pride while toting around my well earned golden skillet.  Even brought it to church home group to show it off.  Clearly, I need to work on my humbleness as well as my red-neckedness.

How jealous are you on a scale of one to ten?  Be awed.  Be very, very awed.

There’s nothing quite like a fair, is there?

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