Kids and Christmas Ornaments

by GfG on November 29, 2011 · 8 comments

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For the first time… ever, I think… the halls in our home are decked, with only a little bit of holly, but decked none the less before the month of December has even started.  Faith begged and begged the day after Thanksgiving.  Hard to turn down her pleas, especially with the comic strip she gave me titled “The Best Mom Ever”.  She’s good.

Anyway, we saved the best for last: the tree.

Our family (namely, HB) has a ritual for decorating the tree.  We (namely, HB) are real sticklers about following the routine.  First, HB and My Sweetie put the tree together, then HB strings the lights, then HB strings the fake cranberry garland, then HB strings the silver ball garland.  After all that, everyone else (namely HB’s siblings) may touch the tree, ie.  the kids get to put their ornaments on the tree.

Yes, their ornaments.  See, each kiddo has a large Ziploc bag containing the ornaments that they have been given (or I designate as theirs) over the years.  They each get very excited about looking at their special ornaments before putting them on the tree.

The older kids have quite a collection.  They really enjoy spreading out all their ornaments and looking at them all while the tree gets prepped and talking about special ones.  Someone (namely, unnamed) often gets sappy about how little the kids were when the received an ornament or two.  Others (namely, everyone else), smiles and shakes their heads.

I used to give them each a ornament representing something special from their year, but I bailed on that awhile ago.  Now, they pretty much all get the same ornament (namely, one I like and find on sale).

When they are given an ornament, I put their initials on the bottom just in case disputes arise later (I’m sure that would never happen at your house).  For the younger kiddos, I usually give them an extra ornament (or two) their first couple of Christmas’ tree decorating participation years (you know, when they are beyond the put-whatever-Mama-hands-me-on-the-tree phase).

When my precious babies grow up and get married, I will give them their bag of ornaments for their tree.  Until then, they will reminisce and decorate our family tree with their special ones (and shake their heads at their sentimental mother).

When Christmas is over, they retrieve their ornaments and place them in the bag (I keep some bubble wrap handy) until next year.

Where we will repeat the tradition, grinning all the while.

Each kid having their own bag of ornaments works for me and it helps this large family enjoy some fun organization in decking the tree.  Sure, we still have family ornaments that we use too, but this little tradition makes decorating the tree even more special.  Check out  Raising Arrows for more tips for large family living and We are THAT Family for tips on hundreds of things.

How do you decorate your tree?

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