NASA Rocks!

by GfG on September 30, 2011 · 1 comment

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Raise your hand if you’ve watched the NASA channel?    (crickets chirping)

Raise your hand if you’ve watched the NASA channel many, many times?  (more crickets join the chorus of chirping)

Raise your hand if you watched the NASA channel so often that you recognized by name the members of the space station crew (American and foreign) and woke your kids up to watch Mars rover landings?  (deafening chorus of crickets)

Ok, so the last one was  My Sweetie, not me.

Years ago we cancelled satellite only to discover that we could still get one free channel.   Yup, you guessed it: the NASA channel.  It was really interesting, in the “wow- how-desperate-are-we-to-sit-here-and-watch-Houston-control-perform-checks” kind of way.

Acutally, I warmed up to it and so did the kids.  My Sweetie was hooked from day one.  Seriously.

Since that time, we have wanted to go to Houston Space Center.  Even though we have gone to Galveston for four summers, I could never seem to tear the family away from the beach.  This year, I threw in the “but we’re studying Astronomy this year” plea and won.  I sure wish we could get that channel now because it would be fun while we learn about the universe.

So… while Papalou & Leslie decided to stay at the beach condo (and they volunteered to keep Wee Babe, yea!), we made like rockets!

I’m pretty sure I was the most excited one (the kids said, “Mom, I think you are vibrating with excitement!”), though Cutie Pie was giddy (I’m not sure it counts since she had no idea what we were really doing, but field trips make her very happy.).  I don’t know what came over me, but when we walked into the control room mock up, I really was moved.

Turns out we all were giddy at some point of the day.

We took a vote and decided NASA rocks!  We left all the moon rocks there, though.

How geeky are we, on a scale of 1-1o?    😉

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