I Did the The Bible in 90 Days! (or more)

by GfG on April 8, 2011 · 1 comment

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I am a bit at a loss for words.  And at the same time I feel like there are a tons of words bubbling out of me! 

I know that may not make sense, but it’s how I’m feeling right now.  Minutes ago (or Monday night at 10:15 when this was actually written) I finished reading the Bible.  The whole Bible!

I agreed to read the Bible in 90 Days back in January.  A year earlier I started to believe that reading the Bible in its entirety is something I should do and then in November Kay Arthur looked at me (and a few other hundred women, whatever) and said, “Which of the 66 books of God’s Holy Word do you think He wants you to read?”.  So… the time was ripe.

I will not say it’s been easy.  I slipped behind more than a few times and then 10 days behind when we were sick for a long stretch.  It was tempting to give up.

The con in doing the Bible in 90 Days schedule is that there is a good amount of reading every day so if you get far behind, you’ll have quite a bit of reading to do to catch up.

BUT… God kept pressing on me that even if I didn’t finish on schedule, the key was to finish.

Plus… well… my 12 year old was perservering.

I know that reading the Bible in a year works for many.  It’s a good idea.

I know that reading the Bible in six months works for many others.  Still a good idea.

BUT… for someone like me who views committing to doing something… anything… for a year as a really big committment and too many opportunities for interruptions and bunny trails (really beneficial bunny trails, but still bunny trails), the 90 day plan worked. 

Tack on the idea that the goal was to read all of God’s Word and to see the big picture and you have just what I wanted.

Here are the wonderful assets for me in doing the Bible in 90 Days schedule:

1) As I was reading the New Testament, I still had the Old Testament fresh on my mind since I had been reading it just a week earlier.  That really impacted my understanding and helped the connection stand out.

 2)  As I was reading a whole book in one setting I saw and felt and understood Scripture in ways that I never had before, even books I have already read.   I highly recommend reading a whole book a few times, any of them.  You’ll be surprised at what you see.  Seriously.

3) As I was reading and seeing the big picture, I was able to write questions and comments in my journal that I can follow up on later (that’s going to be soooo fun! and so personal), but I wasn’t side tracked or led on trails that would distract me from seeing the beauty of the main thread.  Sometimes details distract me and then I forget what I was learning/feeling/just understanding before I was distracted.

I learned so much and was touched by so many different truths.  I’ll share some of that in different blog posts.  I really am stunned by what this experience has been like. 

I have to thank Kara at Home With Purpose for inviting me (Ok, ok, and a few hundred other women who read her blog) via Moms Tool Box to join her in this 90 day journey.  Thank you, Kara, for the invite and the encouragement.

I have to give all the glory to My Awesome God who has blessed me so much in these last 92 days by allowing me to see clearly in 66 books that He is all about grace.

I should’ve known.

Have you considered reading the whole Bible?  Why or why not?

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