I Heart Apologia Elementary Science {Giveaway}

by GfG on April 25, 2011 · 123 comments

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We are getting close to wrapping up our school year in science, Apologia Elementary Science.  I am hooked.  It’s a curriculum that combines something I love with something I wish I did more: reading aloud and hands on activities.

The curriculum is meant to be read aloud, so the writing is fun and engaging.  Reading aloud has always been a part of our homeschool.  Always.  Even when we didn’t call it homeschool, just home.

We are finishing our second year with Apologia Elementary after ten years of a science textbook curriculum.  I regret I didn’t find it sooner.  Seriously.

Last year we used Exploring Creation with Zoology I: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day (The first chapter of all the zoology books introduce the topic of zoology and classification, so no matter which Apologia Elementary you start using, you are not behind).  This year we are using Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology.   The benefits of studying a topic in depth instead of cycling through the same general topics every year or so has proven to be a worthwhile way to study.

The curriculum has a wide range of hands on activities and experiments.  Experiments have not always been a part of our homeschool, though I’ve  always wanted them to be.  It’s the prep work that kills me.  I can barely remember to buy toilet paper, much less stuff for experiments.

Apologia Elementary projects are not huge and complicated affairs.  They are simple and done with easy to find items- most of them require no materials, just stand up and go try something.  I’m a big fan of simple, easy to find and no materials.  😉

model of a neuron

In our two years we have done some simple things that helped my kids retain information and understand concepts better.

model of blood

(Edited to add: While we have done many different little things this year with the anatomy and physiology book, I don’t remember doing as much during the Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day book.  The benefits of this curriculum in information and style would have me buying it even if I never did the hands on activities.  If you are not an experiment person this curriculum is still worth your money!)

We have also read together some fascinating and insightful facts, most of which I had never heard.  We’ve seen the beauty in God’s design in bats, the human ear and more.

I have found in twelve years of homeschooling that children learn the basics of science topics (plant growth, life cycle, types of animals, the names of the planets, etc) without much book study.  Kids are naturally interested in science topics, but text work kills that love of learning and natural curiosity.  Engaging your children in natural learning situations teaches them the basics and encourages their love of learning.  This curriculum taps into that and also utilizes narration, a wonderful way to reinforce.

Apologia Elementary is a homeschooling mom’s best friend for teaching the in depth knowledge related to science topics because it keeps a dialogue style running and takes children’s interest to a deeper level through the readings and activities.  More than several times I have watched the kids share what we had talked about or tested in science that day with our neighbors.

Princess sharing about fluid surrounding the brain

I couldn’t recommend it more.  Oh, wait.  I can.

We decided to do the notebooking journals that are offered with each book because the cost of the journals is worth the contents, plus they combine worksheets, puzzles, and lapbooking into one fabulous year long project.  While this journal has been excellent with my 4th, 6th and 9th graders, it is over the head of my kinder and 1st graders… but… Ms. Fulbright has done it again!  There is now a junior journal!  Brilliant!  I hope the other studies will soon have junior journals since we share science as a family (HB will get to start her own high school studies next year, but I wanted her to do anatomy and physiology).

This curriculum is creationist in mindset and has Biblical thoughts throughout the book.  We have had some wonderful conversations.

As a final endorsement for Apologia Elementary let me tell you that lesson plans are included in the notebooking journals (insert happy sigh).  Jeannie Fulbright has done the work for me and makes our homeschooling science time a joy and as well as very educational.

As if all this wonderful information about a terrific curriculum wasn’t enough….  One of my readers gets to have one of the Apologia Elementary books delivered to his or her door!  Compliments of Ms. Fulbright.

How to enter the giveaway (mandatory): Visit Jeannie Fulbright’s store and then leave a comment here sharing why you would like to use an Apologia Elementary book and which one you are interested in winning.

Other ways to enter (optional, please leave a comment for each way you participate): Like me on Facebook

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Deadline  for entries is eleven p.m. Sunday May 1st.  Giveaway is open to U. S. residents only.  Ms. Fulbright is providing the book, but the review was initiated by myself and all the comments are my own.

I’m glad I found Apologia Elementary science books and I bet you would be too if you gave them a try!

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