Pi Day

by GfG on March 17, 2011 · 3 comments

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Monday was pi day.  You know, it was 3/14.   As in 3.14.

I decided to acknowledge the day with the kiddos.  ‘Cuz, you know, I’m soooo into math.

We had egg pie for dinner.  Known as quiche in other circles (hee!  hee!).

We made a cherry pie for dessert.  Known as cherry pi in the circle circles (hee! hee! again).

The best part was how long it took me to remember what pi actually was.  I knew the number of course.  I mean, everyone knows that pi is 3.14blahblahblah, BUT I was a bit fuzzy on the other details of pi and the circle. So… I talked to the kids about what pi was while I tried to sound like I knew what I was talking about.

And I read from Wikipedia  (I couldn’t find our copy of Sir Cumference and the First Round Table).

The pauses and gaps in coherent wording probably gave me away.

That’s ok because we had yummy pie and now Mama knows what pi is (sorta) and all the kids have a some kind of understanding of what pi is too (sorta).

Ok, they all know it has something to do with the number 3.14 and a circle.  The older the kiddos get in the birth order, the more they understand.

Wee Babe (almost 3yo): Cool whip!

Cutie Pie (5yo): Pie likes circles!!

Faith (8yo): Pi is about a circle

Princess (almost 10yo):  I know what pi is because I’m learning about circles and diameter and radius in math right now and I can even draw the symbol

The Boy (12yo): Pi is 3.14 and has to do with circumference and radius of a circle

HB (14yo): Pi is 3.14 and is circumference divided by radius

Me: Where’s the pie?

The older two kids handed me the Sir Cumference book the next morning and suggested I read it.

Guess who didn’t get leftover cherry pie for snack?

Ok, ok, in theory they wouldn’t have gotten any leftover cherry pie.  If I allowed such a thing as leftover cherry pie.

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