Geography Songs

by GfG on March 14, 2011 · 5 comments

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We bought a CD to supplement our curriculum this year.  It’s titled “Geography Songs”.  Everyone knows that a terrific way to memorize something is to put it to music!  Just ask a 40-something year old adult what a conjunction is… or an interjection.  If they stare at you a second, prompt them with the corresponding phrases: “conjunction, junction, what’s your function?” or “Interjections! show __ or ___!”  Proof will instantly be sung to you.

Well, I was wondering if music could do it’s magic with geography.

It has.

Here’s some proof, Princess (age 9):

I mean, really, most American adults can’t find many of the countries she recites on a globe/map, much less most nine year olds.   Ok, ok, I didn’t know more than a few.  So… yup, music even works for geography.

I highly recommend this CD.  Some of the songs are a bit cheesy, but they really stick with you.  My five year old (Cutie Pie) goes around the house singing the same songs Princess sang for you, cracking me up.  Cutie Pie can find only about half of the countries right now, but we’re working on it.

Of course, she also tells people she lives in Texas when they ask her what city she lives in.  The CDs don’t to all the teachin’.

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