Pathway Readers: One of My Favorite Book Sets

by GfG on January 17, 2011 · 21 comments

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I love books.  If you are new around here, you may not have picked up on that yet.  If you are not new around here, you are probably praying for my problem.

Anyway, I’ve bought many a book and many a series of books in my day.  Most of them for school (or that’s how I’ve justified it anyway).  One of the best purchases I made early on in our homeschooling journey has been the Pathway Readers by Rod & Staff Press.

These books are so precious.  They are wholesome and dear.  The main characters are Amish families who love the LORD.

I bought the whole set at homeschooling fair and have not regretted it once.  There are books for each grade level so the kids have been able to move along in the series.  Workbooks and such are available to go with the readers, but we’ve never really used them (a friend did give them to me and I may use them with Faith who needs more reading support, but we’ll see).  Our school does not use readers past the initial learning to read phase, we prefer living books, but these readers don’t really feel like readers, and while they are not an ‘official’ part of our curriculum, every kid reads them.

We just sit back and enjoy the stories.  I appreciate that the early readers are geared towards developing reading but do not bore me (or my child) to death with constant dull repetition (cat, sat, rat, pat…. Egad!) and that the books challenge the reader without overwhelming him/her.  The first book (not pictured) is meant to be read with the child, having regular type for the parent to read and bold type for the beginner reader to read.  The turn taking slacks off as the book progresses.

I moved Faith from our Sonlight readers to this series because I could tell I was losing her interest.  The first book was tough at first (in writing this post, I realized it was actually the second book… which explains the problem… gotta search for the red book now) so I would read a page and then she would read a page (or a paragraph, depending) , imitating what the first book  actually does .  The story piqued her interest immediately and she was up for the challenge.

Just a bit over a week ago she started reading the book without any help from me.  She even read it for pleasure with out it being ‘school work with Mama’.  At first when she told me that she had finished the story on her own, I was doubtful. I asked her to share with me what happened.  She eagerly told me.  I was thrilled.

I’m happy to share these darling characters and stories with another child, building reading skills, character, and memories.

These books are so wonderful and you don’t have to enjoy them only if you are homeschooling family.   They aren’t on the AR list (if you public school, you know what this is) but you could write tests up for the AR program (teachers usually love parents/grandparents who are willing to do this for them) and then these wonderful books could be on the AR list.  The Pathway Readers would make a lovely addition to any family library.

Have you ever tried The Pathway Readers?

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