Family Slumber Party

by GfG on January 17, 2011 · 4 comments

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There is nothing like a slumber party.  Movies.  Laughter.  Sleeping bags.  Snacks.  We love slumber parties around here.  While we have a blast and need a nap the next day, like all people who attend slumber parties, we keep one ingredient different: the attendees.

family slumber party may 2005

Our family does not allow slumber parties with friends, but we just love them with our own family.

family slumber party march 2008

They are special treats and, by definition, don’t happen often.  It can be a ‘just because’ event or in celebration of something.   The kids get giddy in anticipation of a slumber party. The big choice: what movies we will watch.

Here’s how our family slumber parties plays out:  We eat dinner, then we get pajamas on quickly.   Sleeping bags (and in our new home mattresses, since it’s a tile floor) are brought to the living room.  Serious discussions ensue on positions and placement.  My Sweetie and I whisper about what we’ll watch after the first round.  Next we begin watching movie #1.  At some point I call intermission to put the baby (whichever member counts as a baby) to bed.  Depending on the time, we either finish watching the movie (8:00-9:00) or snack prep (any time later than that) begins.  And by snack I mean popcorn, of course.

faith & cutie pie family slumber party march 2008

In these darling little containers the kids received for Christmas (thank you, Target dollar bin!) especially for our slumber parties.

faith family slumber party january 2011

After the first movie, My Sweetie and I go to our room to watch our movie.  We pop in and out to take count of who’s crashed and who hasn’t (which is also typically a heated discussion earlier in the day and if my family was a betting family, there would be betting going on too). If I’m pregnant, My Sweetie usually tucks me in after the first movie and he lays down with the kiddos.  They shove him when he snores too loudly for them to hear the dialogue.

family slumber party january 2011

Typically only children over ten years old make it past the halfway mark of the second movie.  We usually declare a time limit (this has become necessary only since our first born turned eleven) of midnight. If a movie is close to ending, we’ll just let it run it’s course and then shut things down.

The kids love these nights.  I love watching them love these nights.

They giggle.  They discuss the movies.  They try to help each other stay awake (or in the case of the youngest attendee, they try to not bother her so she can sleep soundly).

This weekend we had a slumber party in honor of HB’s 14th birthday.  We watched one new movie (I’m working on a family movie list post that will be up by the end of the week) and a rerun.  The laughs, sighs, ooohs and ahhs were right on cue for the films, as well as for the family time.

Family slumber parties are a huge success and, I’m hoping, a special family tradition that my children will hold in their hearts always.

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