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As I prayed fervently and cried often and tried to teach on Tuesday, my heart begged and pleaded for a newborn baby girl.   My focus on daily tasks faltered, but my faith never wavered because it was on solid ground.

As I read aloud that afternoon to my children from A Single Shard (one of my favorite books ever!), I was struck by the contrast in perspective.  The Koreans feared evil imps and spirits that would wreak havoc and cause bad things to happen in life, big and small.  They worried about keeping these spirits tricked.  They concerned themselves with good deeds and good words to please the good spirits.  They saw hope as a thing to be chased in the ever changing wind.

As my heart grew heavier and heavier for the young couple whose daughter was born without a heartbeat and was revived only to have no brain activity, the weight in my heart reached capacity as I thought about the people in this world whose hopes are on anything other than the hope of Christ.

The fear of imps is no different than the fear of saying the wrong thing and giving Satan permission to attack.

The fear of evil spirits needing to be fooled is no different than the fear of not behaving good enough for a fickle god.

The fear of bad luck is no different than the fear of hardship because we think it reflects a lack of faith.

Though the thousands of prayers lifted for Gwend0lyn Hope Cushman and her parents, Erin and Blair, were answered differently than we wanted, those prayers were not ignored.  They were not weighed in a balance of favor or disfavor.  They were not sifted through a sieve of strong faith. They were not categorized into worthy or unworthy.

They were answered.

How do I know this though Gwendoyln Hope went home to God instead of home to her parents’ house?  I know this because God is sovereign.  That means He is always 100% in charge.  If He wasn’t, and others- be they imps, spirits, or Satan-were, then He would not be The One True God.  He would be just another god.

Anytime we put God in a box and say that He could not have done something or He could not have allowed something means we just decided to limit His power.  Seriously.

Why would I give my faith, my allegiance and my love to a god who is mostly in control?  or sometimes in control?  or whose control rests in my hands?

Why would Erin and Blair do that?

Why would our hope rest on anything other than Christ, the only way?

No, their Gwendalyn Hope is not in their home today, but their Hope is.

He always always is.

Hebrews 6:19 “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”

John 14:6 “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Have you experienced this anchor that actually buoys while holding firm?

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