Sonlight Books (aka: Read these!)

by GfG on September 1, 2010 · 6 comments

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I really like to read.  Lots.  If you are not new here, you  know that already.

As a little girl, I remember running to the library to get the Beatrix Potter books, waiting for the Book Mobile, and reading whenever I had the chance.  The first chapter book I read on my own was Charlotte’s Web.  I still have the original copy.  I read it aloud to HB when she was five.  She didn’t cry.  I did.  Whatever.

When God brought the topic of homeschooling to my life, Sonlight entered also.  Honestly, I don’t remember how.  I wish I did.  As soon as I read the catalog, I was hooked.  Living books.  Thematic study.  Instructor’s guide.  Done.

I have read some of the most amazing books that I never would have come across if it hadn’t been for Sonlight.

We have used five Sonlight cores (packaged thematic sets).  Since we keep it at reading, math and spelling until second or third grade, we started using Sonlight at Core 3.  And I fell in love.

Fell in love with homeschooling, living books, and reading  aloud to my children until they leave home.  I knew after those first few weeks, that we would never use a curriculum that didn’t include living books.

The interesting thing to me is that for Sonlighters, Box Day is a really big deal.  When the new curric for the year arrives in the boxes, people get excited.  Yes, seriously.  We did too.  The kids love looking at the new books.  I have to shoo them away from them until it’s time.  BUT Box Day is not the emotional day for me.  It’s Box Up Day.

When I have to box up the books we read together during the year (I don’t have room to keep them all out nor the money to replace books  that I will need for future core usage), I am a mess.  I sit there getting things straight and putting books in the big Rubbermaid.  I keep stopping and telling My Sweetie about books.  I experience the stories again as I hold them in my hands.  I see the characters like they are precious friends.  I remember the journey my children and I took in those pages.

I say, “OH, honey!  This one was such a good book!”

He smiles and says, “Babe, you’ve said that about almost every book you’ve put in that box.”

I am grateful God brought Sonlight into my life.  This company put books into my hands that I would never have found on my own.  And they’ve made their way into my heart.

I’m so stinin’ grateful.

Luke, from the Sonlight Blog, has challenged us to share our favorite “Sonlight book”.

Ummm… hello?  That’s like asking me to pick a favorite baby photo of my each of my children.  Seriously.

I originally ignored Luke’s request for one book (we homeschoolers are a tad rebellish), but because the list was getting long, I decided to actually follow Luke’s direction.  I am givign  just one book the title of “My Favorite Sonlight Book” (I’ve also decided to place in the “Sonlight book” category only books I probably wouldn’t have run across if it weren’t for Sonlight).  Stinkin’ hard.

And the award goes to…

A Single Shard.    The emotion and beauty of this book is just stunning.  Oh… the characters, the characters.  I can still picture this story and feel the emotions and I’ve read this book only once and that was over three years ago.  It’s a special plot and setting and I think it’s amazing.  The display and search for love are powerful.

We aren’t supposed to read A Single Shard this year (we are doing Core 5 again) but I put it in the line up anyway because I just have to read it with a new batch of kiddos.  I actually gave a copy of this book to an adult friend for her birthday.  I love this book.   It’s found in Core 6 (World History Part I).


That was painful.  When writing up this post, I had thirteen books I wanted to share with you.  The post got just too long.  So, I’ve written up another post you can click on here to read the other twelve books I think you should read.  Really, really good books.  Seriously.

Please know that  Nory, Juan, Esteban, Simon, Tien Pao, a Jewish family with five daughters, Sookan, Jiro, Megan, Marguerite, David and Cusi have become a part of my mental landscape just as much as Tree-ear.  Their stories are beautiful.  Do not miss them.

Consider using Sonlight as your homeschool curriculum and read these books.  You’ll be glad you did.

(Oh and Luke says for me not to forget to give My Rewards number (I can earn credits for referrals), so it’s:  MB20008036)

(Disclaimer: I am not recommending every Sonlight book.  There are some we skip or ‘edit’.  Please preread and make decisions for your family based on the convictions you have from the LORD. )

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