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by GfG on August 1, 2010 · 3 comments

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If you’ve stumbled upon this post, congrats!  You have found a list of twelve books I am grateful Sonlight included in their curriculum so I could be forever affected by them.  I was forced by Luke Holtzmann to choose only one “favorite Sonlight book“, so I did.  I really wanted to include these books though, so I wrote a separate post and tucked it into my archives.

Here are twelve amazing “Sonlight books” (in addition to A Single Shard, which is the one I voted as my very favorite) that I think should be included in every person’s homeschooling journey at some point: (I”m not including classics that many people have heard of just books that I would probably never have stumbled upon without Sonlight)

Walk the World’s Rim.  Wowza.  Heart wrenching. Found this gem in Core 3 (American History Part I) and have thought about it many a day since then.  Honestly, this book is what cinched Sonlight and homeschooling my first year and it was almost the award getter.

Secret of the Andes.  Oh, my!  Such an unique book.  We’ve read this twice as a family now and it’s been a real hit each time.  Sweet, sweet story.   Another Core 3 book.

Calico Bush. The first book I blubbered through, blubbered.  Had to put it down for awhile so I could compose myself (or cry for awhile, whatever).  Actually, HB said, “Mama, I can read it for you?  Are you going to be ok?”  Ahem.  Also a Core 3 book.

The Great Turkey Walk.  Hilarious.  Unusual.  We often give this as a birthday gift.  Found in Core 4 (American History Part II).

The Terrible Wave.  A perspective that means even more to me since Katrina (I grew up in Slidell, Louisiana), but moved me back when I read it for the first time years ago.  You feel this girl’s story and her gratefulness for life.  This is in Core 4.

All of a Kind Family.  I just love that Sonlight includes such a dear book.  I just love this family and think of them every time I dust (settle down whomever said, “Well, that can’t be too often.”)  Who can avoid weeping with the dad at the end?  Hello?!  Not me, that’s a no brainer.  This is another in Core 4.

The House of Sixty Fathers.  Oh, my stinkin’ goodness.  Oh, my stinkin’ goodness.  Has there every been a story that makes me want to hug a child and a bunch of army men?  This is in Core 5.  Read it.  Now.

The Master Puppeteer.  Great fun and an underdog character.  Entertaining and wonderful.  This is also in Core 5.

I, Juan de Pareja.  The kids and I loved Juan so much, we hated to see this book end.  Beautiful and loving connections.  Oh, how you will be moved in this book.   Good, good reading.  Also in Core 6.

I am David.   Geez, louise!  This book is one that get in and doesn’t leave.  I think HB actually cried in this one, and that’s saying a lot.  She does not have her mother’s weepiness.  A Core 7 book.

Year of Impossible Goodbyes.  One heart wrenching book.  (Funny story about this one: I was prereading it in the car with My Sweetie while we were on the way to meet some friends.  I was so excited about what I was learning.  When we got out of the car, My Sweetie’s boss said, “So what did y’all talk about in the car?”  I said, “How Korea became communist.”  He looked at his wife then back at the two of us saying, “Homeschoolers!”)  I think about this book from time to time too and haven’t read it in three years.  It’s impossible to forget.

Nory Ryan’s Song.  Spectacular.  This book made it onto my FB Top 15 list and was almost number one.  A Single Shard beat it by a breath.   You’ll never look at another potato the same way or think of Ireland without wanting to hug Nory Ryan and weep for her journey.  This is a Core 7 book.

Ok, ok.  I’m stopping.  Just know that I could have shared about at least seven (if not twenty) from each core.  They all have 50 per.  So, ya’ know… I didn’t do bad considering.

Go forth, and read!

(and if you decide to use Sonlight, I’d appreciate you using My Rewards number: MB20008036)

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