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I mentioned that I’ve started using cloth diapers again. I’m loving it. I thought I’d mention why I’m having fun. I am willing to bet that some readers aren’t convinced that cloth diapers can be worth it, much less fun.

I hear ya. Really, I do. I’ve been there.

I’ve used disposable for most of my diaper changing years. More than thirteen years. I used cloth for a year and half of those. That’s it.

This time, I wish I had gone back to cloth sooner. Much sooner. I’m sharing in hopes of helping others see how it’s possible to use cloth and help the family budget, whether that’s your budget, a friend of yours’ budget or a child of yours’ budget.

The main problem I had last time I tried cloth diapers was leaking. I had spent a lot of money on the diaper covers, so I felt committed to them. I didn’t know what other kind to try and didn’t want to keep wasting money. This was before the internet was a big deal. Yes, I’m that old.

I found a solution to that problem this time. A wonderful cloth diaper site: All About Cloth Diapers. The author is fully committed to cloth and to helping parents being successful with them. She is honest and thorough. And incredibly helpful. Reading her free email articles and tips gave me the confidence to start again because I knew that if I had problems, I could get good help in finding a brand that worked for me and my baby.

Another problem was dealing with poopies. I got over that quickly when I did the math again. Seriously. Have you done the math? AND (thanks, All About Cloth Diapers!) I just don’t worry that much about getting all the poopie off. So, that problem was dealt with quickly.

So… I was ready to start.

We’ve been using cloth diapers since November. I started using Motherease Sandy’s Cloth Diapers and BioBottoms diaper covers, which is a leak-proof system. Pretty important. They are also incredibly easy (proof that the friend who gave me these had her children in daycare using the Motherease). They weren’t the right diapers for Wee Babe though. The Motherease diapers don’t wick the wetness away from his skin. He has sensitive skin (I guess) and was having waaaaay too many diaper rashes and sores. I talked to Autumn (All About Cloth Diapers) and tried some things. They didn’t work. Lots of people use Motherease with success, it just wasn’t right for us.

So… I started saving money and doing some research. I was even able to test out different brands of diapers from a dear friend. I tried GoodMama, Bum Genius, Thirsties, Sustainablebabyish, Bumkins, and more. Some were sized diapers (meaning you buy one size and then later buy more of the next size- there are usually only 3 sizes) and some were one sized. Some were diaper with cover combos, some were pocket diapers (you put the diaper inside a cover that is pocketed instead of laying the diaper on the cover) and some were all-in-ones (everything is one piece).

Nothing, I mean, nothing worked like one particular diaper. It stood out over all the rest. Wee Babe’s skin was perfect while wearing them all night and in between changes during the day, every single time. I tend to let him wear a diaper for a long time since I’m still used to disposables. They don’t leak. At.All. They are easy. They are cute. They don’t leak. They wick wetness away so well that I my hand doesn’t get wet touching the inside of the diaper. Have I mentioned they don’t leak? They have special little gussets that work hard to keep poopie inside.

They only have one draw back that hindered me for awhile: the cost.

At my house, money is an object. I wanted something that wicked away wetness I also wanted one size- even though Wee Babe will only be in diapers for one more year (or less, though I don’t potty train until my kids are three or they can present an offer in writing to be trained earlier than that) because I’m hoping we get to adopt. I wanted a diaper I could re-use with another child for their whole diapering years. AND I wanted something that would resell well if the LORD doesn’t plan to send us another baby.

So, I saved up and bought Rumparooz (two print ones and the rest darling colors). We’ve been using them solely for a few weeks now and WeeBabe has not had one single diaper rash. Not one. No redness. Nothing. He hasn’t leaked either. Not even a little bit. I could never go that long without a disposable leaking- especially up the back with a poopie! Gah-ross! They are easy enough for My Sweetie and the kids to use, as well as the nursery workers who I just found out are raving about them to others. Seriously. Have I mentioned they don’t leak or cause/aggravate diaper rash?

So, there you have it. Why am I having fun doing cloth?

They work.
They don’t leak.
They will save us money.
(Autumn has a great post on diapering on a budget.)
They are better for the environment.
They are healthier for my baby
(They keep yucky stuff off my baby’s skin. Have you read up on what is in disposables and the chemicals that are next to baby’s skin? Yeah, I hadn’t either. It really started out as a way to save money, but I’ve learned even more.)
There is a website that can help me when I need it.

What’s not fun about all that?

Plus, he’s so stinkin’ cute walking around in these adorable diapers.

If you’d like to see a sweet mom story, watch this wonderful video about how Rumparooz came to exist . How fun it is to support such a family while helping my family save money, do good for the environment, and keep yucky stuff of my baby’s skin? Lots, actually.

Not bad for a day’s diapering.

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