Gone a’milkin!

by GfG on February 27, 2010 · 1 comment

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For months a fellow homeschooling mom and I have been planning a field trip out to her home for my kids and I to experience milking a cow. The date had been set at least four times, but thanks to some freaky cold and rainy weather this winter, had to be put off more than four times. It was either snowing, sleeting or sloshy. She called this past Monday saying that she and her daughter were headed to Bali (yes, THAT Bali!) and so it was now or never. The old hag would be dried up (the cow, not me!) before the trip was over. Though I was recovering from a sinus infection, we set the date. And had a prayer vigil.

I’ve always wanted to milk a cow. Regarding this out, I was the most excited member of our family. Wahoo! I was going to be like Ma Ingalls and milk a cow. How cool is that? What, children? You are a bit blah about this little field trip. Well, suck it up and get ready to milk!

Turns out, everyone had a great time! We learned a lot, fellowshipped some, and came home with a gallon of fresh, raw milk! Good times, people. Good times!

I make up words on my blog. There are two GfG creations in this post. Sue me.

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