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by GfG on October 4, 2009 · 2 comments

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Today, those of us taking the Words in Red Challenge finish the book of Luke. If you are new to this, please join in! You can just pick up where we are and then cycle through. We start the book of John tomorrow (and it’s a bit longer, so plan accordingly). I’m just loving taking this time to focus on Jesus’ words and no others. If you want to get the story behind the Words in Red Challenge, click here.

I’ll admit, this week took more effort to stay on track reading the book of Luke. I’m not sure why. Just how it was.

Ok, here’s what I have to say about Luke right now (I’m really tired, so I may update this tomorrow):

1) For some reason I finally correctly read the words of the angel appearing to the shepherds when Jesus was born. I’ve always thought he said, “Glory to God. Peace on Earth. Goodwill to men.” I might not have thought that was exactly it, but basically. Maybe I’ve been influenced by Christmas marketing tactics. I don’t know, but… all that to say, that’s not what the angel said. He didn’t promise peace on Earth. He doesn’t come bearing some kind of hippy peace message. Nope. He says, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.” Oh, he promises peace, that’s for sure. But not for the whole earth. And not in regards to nations or wars. He’s proclaiming that God has come! God, who will bring peace to the hearts of those who love Him. Isn’t it odd that I never really got that, considering how many times I’ve heard that verse read? I probably just grazed right over it or didn’t really listen. Whatever the reason, I’m glad I see it now. It makes the message make sense. Honestly, I never understood why the angel declared peace on Earth when that didn’t really happen. Guess I never understood because that is, in fact, not what he said. Very cool.

2) I noticed how often Mary treasured things in her heart.

3) I noticed that Jesus got angry at towns that did not repent though he performed miracles in them. Jesus takes repentance pretty seriously.

4) I hadn’t remembered that James, John and Simon were fishing partners when they fished for fish. Interesting that they all responded to go fish for men and were three of the closest to Christ.

5) I noticed that Jesus had no respect for those seeking riches on Earth. He talked several times about how hard it was for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. He talked several times about getting rid of things to follow him and give to the poor. He talked about riches, for sure, but always, always in a spiritual context, not in a financial one.

6) Jesus commands that we repent and clear our conscious before we try to help our brother with a sin problem. He does not forbid it, just tells us to be sure we are not being hypocritical when we do.

7) He really, really likes parables.

8) I don’t always understand parables. Seems I’m in good company.

9) Why didn’t I understand that Jesus sent out the disciples while He was still on Earth? Why has it taken me until I started reading the Gospels for me to see this? I find it wonderful and a bit reassuring, not to mention loving, that Jesus sent the seventy-two (not just the twelve… seventy-two! hello! that’s a big class, thankyouverymuch… no whining for me anymore) out to do mission work while He was still there. What a great teacher! “Go do it. Come back and we’ll talk.” (not literal quotes on that one, ok?) Suh-weet, training session.

10) Jesus likes to say, “Woe to you!” and “You hypocrites!” He doesn’t sugar coat things when confronting those who are twisting His Father’s words. Seems Jesus takes it pretty seriously.

11) He had so very much to say about the kingdom of God. It’s kinda like He was trying to get our focus on it. Ya’ think?

So, what stood out for you in your reading of Luke? Please share!

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