Ask Me How I Know

by GfG on September 28, 2009 · 5 comments

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If you are in a rush to put on your makeup before your guests arrive and while the cookies you are baking are in the oven, be sure to check your hands before wiping your face to spread your makeup foundation. Baking chocolate does not look any where near as good as “basic beige” does on one’s skin. Ask me how I know.

If you search diligently and then actually purchase ten packets of all natural mosquito repellent patches for your trip to the beach, you may want to remember that you are allergic to band aid adhesive before applying two patches to your back. If you stopped to think that truth through, you may actually deduce that the patches probably contain the same kind of adhesive as band aids. If you don’t stop and think that through, you’ll have some very lovely, itchy and annoying rectangular shaped skin bumps on your back. And the patches won’t keep the mosquitoes off anyway, so you’ll still swat bugs. Ask me how I know. Go ahead

If you have been saved by grace and know your mother has been too, then on her birthday you can dance with tears in your eyes, but a smile in your spirit because you know you will see her again. The pain at your loss and your worldly desire to spend time with her again is outweighed by the joy you have in knowing she is in a much better place doing much better things. Ask me how I know. Truly.

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