To Better Yourself III

by GfG on August 27, 2009 · 10 comments

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Sometimes I have ideas or moments that I want to share with you, but I don’t think they would make a good blog post all alone. All together though… they’d qualify as a blog post.

Today, I’m sharing timeless wisdom and some random moments with you. To better yourself (see how thoughtful I am?) and to let you know me better (well, it’s my blog). I’ve done this before. And before. So, today you get To Better Yourself III.

1) I’m attempting to learn how to wear mascara. We had two dear young women over for dinner last night and I got tips from one of them. I’ll take your tips too. What? Why yes, I am almost forty years old. Thanks for asking. What was that? Well… sure, most women know how to do that way before now, but I am not most women. Or left handed. (Name the movie!)

2) I darned two pairs of underwear a couple of weeks ago. I was very proud of myself. It was very ‘green’ of me. It saved me money. It was something Ma Ingalls would have done. Me, who doesn’t sew. It was easy too. I was beaming as I told my sister and my husband. Their reactions were not beaming. Really, they were more incredulous. They tried to burst my bubble with comments like, “Seriously? You’re kidding right?” and “Uh, for Pete’s sake, go buy some underwear.” and “I don’t think people do that anymore. You’re very weird.” The good news is that they didn’t burst my bubble. I am still proud every time I wear one. Hmph.

3) I bought eye makeup remover for the first time ever last night. I asked a friend how I could get the mascara I’ve started trying to beat into submission (see #1, if you haven’t been paying attention) off my eyes so I didn’t look like a raccoon every morning (should I tell you that it took awhile to figure out that’s why I had such dark circles under my eyes?). She laughed and walked off. I called to her that I was serious. Then, dripping with sarcasm, she says, “Uh… [holding up a little jar] eye makeup remover?” “Oh! I thought that stuff was for people who wear lots of eye makeup! You know mascara and eye liner and eye shadow and eye brown pencil and….” She just gave me a look. Kinda like the look I gave My Sweetie when I told him we couldn’t go to Disney World (Yes, even the water park, honey!) because I was pregnant (with our first child, don’t wonder). You know like the signs say: no women who are expecting. He says, “You’re not expecting. Expecting is when you’re expecting the baby any day. You’ve got like five months!” Yup, same look.

4) I love, love, love Buc-ee’s on I-10 West in between San Antonio and Houston. Seriously. I walk in saying, “Gotta use those bathrooms cleaner than mine and gotta buy something!” Lisa and I counted down the miles until we were there (‘course the big billboards helped and were really funny) and enjoyed our time there. I can’t wait to walk in again when we go to Galveston. Neither can the kids. Oh, and I almost bought the sequined Buc-ee’s shirt. If it had been $15 instead of $4o, you’d see a pic of me sporting it (aren’t you sad, Charlsie?). Instead, you can see Lisa’s joy over our Buc-ee’s stop. All hail Buc-ee’s! 5) Wee Babe did a brilliant thing yesterday. Now, remember that he’s not speaking yet. He’s starting to babble, but no words. Just two kinds of grunts. And he signs ‘more’, ‘no’ and ‘eat’. Well, this genius level little toddler had just had his diaper changed minutes before when he comes over to me and grunts while signing ‘more’ and then tapping his lower back/bottom. I say to him, “You want more? More what?” He signs, grunts, and taps again.
“More…???…(lightbulb popping over my head) Did you go more poopy?” I check the back of his diaper and sure enough he’d made another little deposit. I grinned and said, “Good boy! You went more poopy. Do you want Mama to change your diaper?”
He signs, “No”, grunts and runs off.
I couldn’t have been prouder. I even called his speech therapist. And now you get to know.
Because it’s my blog, that’s why.

6) If you haven’t discovered the first Quote of the Week in the top right, please read it. I laugh every time I think about it. ‘Course there’s that whole lying thing.

7) All of our chickens are still alive. We’ve caught a raccoon, an opossum and a cat in the live traps. The “really big” raccoon chewed a (bigger than the already there tiny) hole in the trap and escaped, forever proving that raccoons can squeeze through small holes. Turns out if your husband really, really makes sure there are no holes in the coop bigger than chicken wire, then furry, den living, drumstick stealing, dragging off kind of animals can not get in to the coop and kill your chickens. Whodathunk?

8) The Memorial Stones in Words is coming up on Sunday. I’d really, really like it more of you participated. Sharing the ways we’ve seen God work in our lives is such a blessing. This time, there will be a little something for every single person who participates! If you’ve been participating (This is you, Amy!), you get an extra special thank you! I’m reminding you so you have time to think and write. See…. that’s me… thoughtful. Oh, and if you can’t/don’t post comments, you can email me and I’ll post it for you! Again… how thoughtful am I?!

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