Shhhh… or You Know, Whatever

by GfG on August 31, 2009 · 6 comments

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Today is someone’s fourth birthday. We were keeping it on the down low because she wants to “have” her birthday at the beach (a “dolphin race birthday” thankyouverymuch). We are normally there just days after her birthday so it’s not been a big deal to “delay” her birthday. This year, we don’t leave for the beach until two weeks from today. We still decided her “birthday” wasn’t goint to happen until then. What? My Sweetie and I aren’t in charge of the calendar. Says who?

Anyway, we planned to ignore today actually being Cutie Pie’s birthday. She wouldn’t know. That’s one of the lovely things about four year olds (who haven’t learned calendar skills). We made plans to have cake “at the lazy river at the beach” just like she wanted and as far as she would know, that day was her actual birthday. All good.

Then we went to church yesterday. The nursery workers didn’t get the memo on Cutie Pie’s birthday, or lack there of, should I say.

They sang. They gave cookies. They gave gifts. They announced loudly and joyfully, “Your birthday is tomorrow!” They made her eyes get big as saucers. A smile filled her face as she gleefully declared, “I’m going to the beach tomorrow!”

I was working in the toddler room when this all transpired and was simply shocked into inaction. Yikes. Never crossed my mind that anyone other than family would recognize her special day. I stood there, frozen. I listened to Cutie Pie tell her teachers all about the beach and the ‘lazy river’ where she was ‘having her party tomorrow’.

Best laid plans of mice and men. And moms.

So… as soon as she buckled up in the suburban and filled the rest of the kids in on the good news about being at the beach “tomorrow”, we started explaining the truth of the matter. Seems reality and four year old reality are not quite the same things. She finally started catching on. A little bit. Just a tiny bit. So did we.

Then Wee Babe got sick.
Then she got sick.
It was a miserable night.

Poor thing, she was up most of the night with a high temperatures and misery. Getting baths and snuggling with Daddy. After getting sick (high temps and liquid do that to her), redressed, and situated with a fresh blanket at 3:41am, she looks at me and says, “Will I still get presents tomorrow?” and “Can you make the dolphin cake with strawberries and whipped cream?” I smiled and whispered, “I’ll even make the whipped cream blue.” She grinned at me with hazy, sleep deprived and fevered eyes.

I’m not sure what we’ll actually do today in celebration.

Right now, she’s sleeping her way into being four.

Pretty cute for a Cutie Pie.

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