My Son, The Theme Extremist

by GfG on August 28, 2009 · 11 comments

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Seems The Boy wants to show his devotion to our studies, all the way to his tonsils. Well, ok we actually studied Egypt all last year, but… still….

Months ago, he started doing something really weird. And gross. Par for the course for a ten year old you say? True. Very true.

He even had one of these ‘things’ pop out of his throat while grocery shopping. There it was on the ground at HEB. Disgusting. A part of me thought I should collect it to show the doctor. That part of me was about an inch big. The other (almost) 59 inches of me gagged and walked off, figuring the doctor would know what we were describing and didn’t need a specimen collection.

Well… I’ll let you decide if you want to read the gory details. The physical oddity my sweet son has, never before seen (here in this house). The medical condition that has us all calling him Egyptian Caveman. The weirdness that now makes him giggle.

He has Cryptic Tonsillitis, or Egyptian Caves.

Go ahead and read it, it’s not terrible. I didn’t link you to Google Images. It’s actually pretty interesting, unless you’re the one looking at the ‘cave/stone’ freshly popped out of your son’s mouth. Plus, consider it your health lesson for the day.

You’re welcome.

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