How to Clean Out Nasty Car Cup Holders

by GfG on January 13, 2009 · 9 comments

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A really good friend asked me to post this for her, keeping her identity confidential because she’s a little embarrassed. I wanted to support her very clever idea, so I agreed.

Car cup holders… Some women, they’re on the ball and either make sure their children do not drink in the car OR they only allow sturdy cups in the car OR they make sure to have their children bring in the flimsy, super thin, sure to leak soon cardboard cups from very unhealthy fast food restaurants promptly as the children arrive home. My very good friend is not one of these people. She confessed to me that the cup holders in her vehicle can get very nasty. One time, recently, she noticed an odd smell in the suburban, er… her vehicle, and finally ventured into the children’s territory (AKA the back seats). It didn’t take long to find the culprit: standing water that was not a pretty color. My really good friend submitted this photo as evidence of the nastiness. Man, she really does not know how to take care of a vehicle. We still love her, though, right?

Anyway, after she found the cesspool of stench, she went for her secret weapon. It’s something she has had on hand for almost twelve years. A diaper. She opened the diaper and turned it inside out and stuffed the diaper into the cup holder. Pressed down a bit. Waited for all the environmentally unfriendly goodies inside the diaper to do their thing. Then she twisted the diaper around a little bit to make sure every drop was absorbed. She says she had to do this to two cup holders. Her children obviously care very little for car hygiene. She has really dropped the ball in this area. We still love her, though, right?

After removing the diaper, the cup holder looks MUCH BETTER. The diaper doesn’t.

So, there ya’ go. A tip from my really good friend on how to clean nasty cup holders, if that’s an issue for you. Just keep some small diapers in the vehicle (maybe in the little pockets behind the driver’s seat or under a seat) and you’re set to go. This works for standing water or just general filth. That’s what my really good friend tells me, anyway. The photo she submitted for the after photo is before further touch up. It’s a shot of right after the diaper is removed. She says she just used a baby wipe to get the rest of the stuff. She also told me that sometimes if you are sure to use your fingers to press the diaper really well into the little crevices, you will have nothing at all in the cup holder. She forgot to do that the time of the photo shoot. Something about children running amuck.

That’s what works for me, I mean, my really good friend. Go check out Rocks in My Dryer’s Works for Me Wednesday for almost 300 tips on all kinds of things, but be sure to leave me a comment first. o

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