And Then There Were 5 & Thankful for Faith

by GfG on January 23, 2009 · 10 comments

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Today I officially started schooling five children. It was a big moment for Cutie Pie and myself. It’s a true milestone because I’m not really a fan of official preschool. Seems God continues to have a sense of humor with me.

BUT Cutie Pie has come running every day when I declare it’s time for Faith to do school. She barrels in and plops herself on the table. Yes, I said on the table. She says, “I want to sit here and watch. I can’t see good in the chair.”

Faith thought it was pretty cool for awhile, until Cutie Pie started answering the questions before her. Then it stopped being fun. At least for Faith. I thought it was entertaining and have continued to think so.

See… Faith has some auditory and visual memory/processing problems. We are using a program called Little Giants Steps with her. Yesterday was her last day doing their Math and More program (we started in September). It’s for preschoolers and works on the issues she has in addition to basic preschool math. We will continue to do the methodology involved, but will be doing other curriculum with her until she is ready for phonics. This is tough for me because all of my other children have been ready to read by age five, definitely by age six. Faith will be six in a couple of weeks.

At the beginning of the year, I had almost convinced myself that it would be in Faith’s best interest to go to a private kindergarten here in town with a truly gifted teacher (it’s not a whole school, just a kindergarten). I know this teacher provides an exceptional education in many areas. I could tell that Faith was lacking in some areas and I wanted someone to really help her. God intervened and reminded me of all our reasons for homeschooling. I took a deep breath and trusted Him to lead me in her schooling.

God has confirmed Faith’s weaknesses, but He was loving enough to also lead me to a program that will help her. I even was able to get a free mini-consultation by one of the LGS program specialists. She was the one that told me Faith was not ready to read or do math yet. It was only a little hard to hear, mostly it was a sweet confirmation of something I could see but not pinpoint. Faith would be doing some serious struggling if she was in that private kindergarten. Her brain simply isn’t ready to read. She would be way behind the rest of the class and I think it would embarrass and hurt her. So… I’m grateful today that He kept me from making a very big mistake with my little girl. While I’m not nearly as gifted as that teacher, I love Faith with all of my heart. I desire her to grow and be blessed. I want to provide her not only with a good academic education, but with the love of her family and space to grow educationally at her own pace.

There will be many challenges ahead for her. We knew this when she was born. Truly. It’s the reason her middle name, for real, is Faith. God placed it on our hearts that she would test and try and grow our faith. I’m so glad she has. I’m so glad God has lead us in the right direction to train her up. She is such a gift to us.

Homeschooling each of my children has shown me how uniquely they have each been created. They teach me more than I teach them. God teaches all of us. While we are in the midst of our tenth year of homeschooling (we had a foster son that we homeschooled for two years before we started hsing our own), some days I feel like a beginner in so many areas. Every year is different and every time a child is added to the school, it changes the dynamics.

I’m looking forward to the uniqueness Cutie Pie will add to our school. And I pray for Faith to have grace for herself and her sister when the day comes that she realizes Cutie Pie has passed her up academically. It might be difficult, but… I smile as I type this because… Faith has never been one lacking in confidence or boldness. I don’t see much changing that.

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